Fraud Alert : Human First Foundation Noida Review

January 26, 2013

Here is an unbiased review of this self proclaimed social service organization known as Human First Foundation.
This is a first person experience of what they do and how they effectively fool you in the names of poor children and AIIMS.

I was moved by their efforts to organize funds for kids of poor parents who are unable to bear the treatment costs of their children. So I agree to donate small amounts to this noble cause.
But latter things began to deteriorate. I started getting calls from 5-6 more companies claiming to do the same thing. So I started digging around. First of all it could not be a coincidence that just after signing up with Human First Foundation more companies of the exact same nature started cold calling me. There was no doubt these people share our details with other companies or have registered multiple such companies in various names.

Here is how they operate .
They call you and tell you that they are students working part time with reputed NGOs and voluntarily helping them organize funds for treatment of poor children. Then they tell you a kid names “XYZ” is admitted to AIIMS and her parents can’t afford the treatment. They need 60,000 rupees for the treatment and most of the amount has been arranged, thanks to big hearted donors like you. The telecaller will then tell you they need only 12,000 rupees more to complete the treatment and if you could donate something it would be a magnanimous act of kindness.
They won’t ask for huge sums, they will only ask for 1000-1500 rs or whatever you wish to contribute. If you agree they would send a volunteer to collect the amount.

They would also give you the details of the Doctor at AIIMS under whom the patient is being treated. I don’t understand the system much, and I have not verified it yet. But, I was under the impression that treatment at AIIMS is free or highly subsidised. How, an AIIMS doctor agrees to approve external funding for AIIMS treatment is still a mystery to me.

Now, this sounds actually naive and humane effort by an organised company, right?

But there is more to it.
I mentioned above, I got calls from 4-5 more such companies after a little digging.
In many cases the voices were strangely familiar. I mean the volunteer calling from one company seemed to have the same voice of the volunteer who called me three days ago. I grew suspicious. I started enquiring about the patients details.
I was shocked when in two instances three companies including Human First were raising funds for the same patients.

Now if the money is being collected from three channels, 60 000 rs each,  where does that go?
We are being fooled. Infact looted in broad daylight by these morons who are making a trade out human feelings and sufferings of the poor.

Upon cross questioning the senior volunteer from human first tried to fool me further by unleashing a cascade of senseless explanations. After donating about 5 times, a sum of about 4000 rupees, I said I do NOT wan’t to deal with you any more.

Since then, I get a call from them every week (sometimes more than once) asking for more donations. They have a call centre established. They work in the same way these insurance selling companies, Dish TV selling callers and Sim Card vendors call you. Their salaries are based on how many sales they can make. Of.course if they digest all the funds they collect they would be behind the bars very soon. So they spend a part of it to show that they actually support noble causes.

I have requested them politely about 8 times not to call me again and threatened them 5 times or more recently if they continue they cold calling on my number. But it does not affect them at all. The calls continue. I just disconnect as soon as I hear Human First or help for patients in AIIMS.

I have developed a serious hatred for these people and I will now think multiple times before donating to a noble cause though companies like Human First Foundation.

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