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KBC Question Categories 2020

Kaun Banega Crorepati is one of the most popular t.v game shows in India. The show takes its inspiration from the British game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and is hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Playing KBC, contestants can win up to ?7 crores.

The contestants asked a set of questions with each having options as their answers. If the contestant chooses the correct option, they are progressed into another round. The questions are set by dedicated panel experts along with the help of Siddarth Basu, who is also the producer of the show and widely regarded as the “Father of Indian Television Quizzing”.

KBC question categories and flip the question topics
Image Source: Screenshot from KBC episode taken by me. Credits: SonyLiv

While the categories under which the questions are asked might change according to the educational background and upbringing of the contestants, most of the commonly recurring tropes are as follow:

Flip the Question Topics & Question Categories in Kaun Banega Crorepati 2020-2021

Books and Authors

The first few questions revolve around books and authors especially catering to Indian history and culture. 

Business Industry and Economics

KBC participants also need to have a good idea about the current affairs in the business industry and economic fields. Some of the questions can stem from business deals, ventures, and investments that have been made recently for the development of the country.

Current and World Affairs

This should go without saying that a few questions in KBC are from the current and world affairs. One has to be well versed in recent national and international developments if one wants to win at KBC.


The entertainment industry is another source of information that the contestant needs to be updated with. The entertainment industry can cover Bollywood, Hollywood, and other film industries as well as OTT platform productions.


A KBC contestant needs to have a proper grasp on the geography of the country and the whole world. From the surface area of a country to the alterations in borders, geography questions can come from anywhere.

Heritage and History

The history of India and its heritage is one of the most essential topics in KBC. There is at least one question in every episode regarding the Indian heritage and the history behind it.

My City My State

This topic is modified according to the background of the contestant. If you are looking to participate in KBC, make sure to stay updated with the latest and news and miscellaneous facts on the place of your origin.

Nature and Wildlife

A portion of the questions asked in KBC comes from nature and wildlife. Contestants need to have a comprehensive grasp on flora and fauna if they wish to move forward in rounds.

Religion, Culture, and Mythology

India, being a religiously, culturally, and the mythologically rich country has its fair share of facts and figures that not many of us are aware of. A KBC contestant needs to know the religion and culture practised in the country along with the mythologies it is based on.

Science and Technology

The developments made in the field of science and technology need to be recited by the KBC contestants if they are to move forward in rounds.

Sports and Games

Last, but not least, a good contender will be well-versed in sports and other game updates that have been made recently or remained renowned in history.

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