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On various forums and at SEO get-together, Marketing gatherings etc I face this simple but very genuine questions.

What can be creative ways of getting quality links? 
How can I engage my audience on social media and attract more links?
How can we create great content to get natural links?

Even though the answers are simple, only one thing stands between you and the realization that any ANY ONE CAN CREATE GREAT CONTENT,  and great content brings great links.

Now you would say, FROG OFF!!!  we have heard that a million times already. Tell us how to create the damn GREAT CONTENT.

Ok, Ok I will cut down my philosophy and get to facts. Please read the following points carefully. 

  1.  Great content does not mean highly polished and minutely researched reports and thesis in no less than 1000 words.
  2. Content can be a simple picture you snap from your crappy 2 mega-pixel camera. It could be a scanned copy of a moth eaten old new paper you found in your attic.
  3. You need not have photography skills, outstanding editing skills on Photoshop to create a piece of adorable / exciting / informative content.
  4. An image says a 1000 words so you need not add another 1000 words to explain the pic. If you need to explain something that would be great though. If people love the picture they will love to know more about it.
  5. Studies and everyday observations prove that Pictures get shared, re-used and linked to more easily than any other form of content on this planet.
  6. Pictures stay on your mind much longer than text. To memorize something its IMPORTANT to visualize it. The more humorous / weird / stupid the picture the longer it stays in your memory.

Take a look at this simple, stupid, laughable piece of crap. You could make better crap like this in probably half an hour. But take a close look.

Finger Puppets from UK move to Madagascar

Finger Puppets from UK move to Madagascar

Case Study : Finger Puppets

Now see the brilliance of this type of  image marketing.

  • It is childish. Yes, that is the exact demography they are targeting. Well, I don’t need to say this, but there is a child inside every one. 🙂
  • It has high brand value. As soon as you are interested in the pic you will take a closer look and notice two Brands – Madagascar and Little Fingy. While the second brand is actually a small entity you will latter associate it with the first brand – Madagascar, the hugely popular animated series.
  • It does not sale any thing. It does not scream in gigantic fonts – Buy, Buy, Buy. Its good brand marketing. So when you remember finger puppets you will remember Madagascar and you will remember Little Fingy.

Now, I ask you. Is it hard to create this kind of content? What kind of super human skill would the creator of this image have? Would you now share it with a kid or the parents of a kid? Would you not consider gifting this to one of your baby relatives to add a little smile to their faces?

This is SEO. This is Marketing. This is branding.

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