W discount card, Unlimited Shopping Card fraud by India Darshan

January 10, 2014

Here is another fraud alert for all HDFC credit card holders.

This company claiming to be India Darshan, which is a phony company, is looting people by giving them dummy offers and false promises about 20-30% flat discount all over India. All readers are advised not to accept any offers from the said company or any similar offers that may come with a changed company name.

Here is their modus operandi.

They call you from a number which you cannot call back.
They tell you based on your excellent track record with HDFC bank credit card you are being given a discount card free of coast.
The card will entitle you to 20-30% discount all over India on any purchases using credit card / debit card / cash.
That is not all you will also get a HOLIDAY PACKAGE worth 15,000 free for a duration of 2 Nights / 3 Days at any location of your choice in 3 star – 4 star hotel.
You will get discount vouchers worth thousands.
You will get a pair of Adidas / Lotto / Reebok shoes FREE.
Then they tell you there is a one time payment of 5,500 / 5,999 / 6,599 (similar numbers) which you don’t have to pay.
It will reflect on your hdfc bank credit card statement in the next month.
If you ask why are you supposed to pay when it is a complimentary card FREE of cost, they tell you these are only taxes you pay like your taxes on restaurant bills and credit cards. They are government taxes.
If you ask, what are they names of the outlets which will give you the discount, they tell you there are 5,000 outlets all over India and they will forward the phone to another better trained FRAUD who will smooth talk you into giving them your credit card details.
They will never tell you the names of the outlets. From the reviews / complaints I have read, the outlets that support this stupid W discount card are stupid companies that you will never use in your life.

Under no circumstances let share your credit card details with these people. There is just no way you can get 30% flat discount because of some Card. Always look for fraud alerts and reviews before you buy some ‘hard to believe’ product or service.

Update : Another fraud company has come up in the name of Trans Card of TransDeals and is again fooling people in the same way.


  1. Hello,

    Beware of such phone calls. Even I got from a Delhi +91 1147031700 for the W discount card offering 1 year promotional offer (free maintenance). Around 5000 outlets giving discount from 20 – 30% and lotto shoes, holiday packages on a nominal cost of Rs.6999
    The lady who called was insisting on generating a onetime pin and registering for the W discount card by sending a text msg ‘PWD’ to 5676712

    When I asked for more details and send to my email for study, she mentioned swiftly that only after the pin generation the whole details about the product will be sent to my email.

    On more pressure to send in email, she disconnected the call.
    I don’t such discount scheme will ever work out other than FRAUD.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the information I got the similar call but by the company called Sarthak and the the things they said were excatly same written by Rooturaj, as I was on the call with the person from Saarthak I quick searched on the Internet and found this blog.

    Thanks Rooturaj

  3. Yes i got similar call from w discount card company.when i asked which bank giving this type of offer they said sbi bank.After that i asked tell me your company website then that person transfer d call to other well trained FRAUD,he said http://www.payback.com Which is another site.so please stay away from this FRAUD company.Thanks.

  4. Even i got a same type of call…was quite impressed with those discount….but thanks rooturaj u saved me…. 🙂

  5. Same thing happen to me, but on behalf of SBI card (Fraud , they are not from SBI card ) and told me they will provide a discount card instead. One time charge is required .

    Few days later I got W card which is totally useless to me in Kolkata. I think this W card is also a Fraud , I called to W card customer care, they told me that they sell it through third party and they will not take any responsibility , what the sells person told you about the discount.

    So beware, they also can call you on behalf of you card , do not share anything with them otherwise you will lose money like me.

    • yes friends as you described i got call, they are asking card expire and CVV number. i asked them website details but they are saying no website. when i shouted they said will arrange call back. please don’t believe this type fake calls.


  6. Very fuking kind of compny.if they pepole come in the front of me i just shoot them same thing i just got a call from them they told me we are callling from s. B. I cradit card your card limit is now 2,50000 rs they got all my card information and cradit around 8000 rs in my acount.

  7. Thanks rooturaj+,

    Same call I got 3 months ago but I denied.
    Today again I got the same offer from different number. And happened exactly you told. The offer was all same except watch instead of shoes. When I kept asking twisted question the lady gave the number to somebody else.

    But I again rejected the offer by switching my mobile off.

  8. i am the part of this offer i had paid all amout then now what i should do.

    • contact your bank customer care and tell them this happened. Also you can launch a police complain if you haven’t recieved such items. But the problem is you dont have writen proof about the offers you have been told. Better if you have saved the number from which they have called you.

  9. Thanks for sharing i too had got same call from Delhi… offering similar discount was some how on net, you saved me

  10. Hi i just got a call 5 minutes back with the exact same details,claiming to be from HDFC. They mentioned these services and also a full body checkup to any family member. They mentioned about 3d/2n stay anywhere in India. When i said i don’t travel with my family, the FRAUD tried to convince me by telling you can travel with your friends also and later changed that it can be transferrable and can be refunded.I asked ok let me get a mail from HDFC and then i will pay online. They told no this offer is via phone and you ll be paying via IVR. Beware of such frauds.
    His number is 9136045869.

  11. I got the call. seriously they are fake. I just aked them, i m not seeing as such website, he cut the call same time

  12. Hi i just receive a call from same company and same offer for W card with lot of benefits like you discount of around 20 to 30 % on all kind of purchases though Credit card and with card you receive free offers like 3 N/ 4 D Holiday package, Sports Shoe etc. First he said it was free and later he said that when you got this card you will charged Rs.8000 in your next statement and this is one time fee.

    please beware of these kind of fraud calls.

  13. I got same fake call twice today I told if they have again called me will complain in police…

  14. I want share one more fraud case I got called two month back from Payalltime its same like Paytm. Pay alltime told me if purchase Rs7999 then one gift free that was cost aroung 30 to 40 K. your money will deduct after receiving the item. Payalltime bloody team deducted my fund. When I cancel then order & ask for fund but till now he has not given
    Pls do not use any service & shopping this type of Looting company

  15. just few minutes ago i got call , saying same things offering discount cards valid on something 5000 outlets
    i asked them, okey i will accept your credit card , send me details of your company, your id and id of your excecutive then he started explaining that its not easy to get payment gateway we have payment gateway so we are genuine, i said i create sites myself and it just takes 2000 to get payment gateway
    asshole cut the call but he got a good lesson

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