W discount card, Unlimited Shopping Card fraud by India Darshan

Here is another fraud alert for all HDFC credit card holders.

This company claiming to be India Darshan, which is a phony company, is looting people by giving them dummy offers and false promises about 20-30% flat discount all over India. All readers are advised not to accept any offers from the said company or any similar offers that may come with a changed company name.

Here is their modus operandi.

They call you from a number which you cannot call back.
They tell you based on your excellent track record with HDFC bank credit card you are being given a discount card free of coast.
The card will entitle you to 20-30% discount all over India on any purchases using credit card / debit card / cash.
That is not all you will also get a HOLIDAY PACKAGE worth 15,000 free for a duration of 2 Nights / 3 Days at any location of your choice in 3 star – 4 star hotel.
You will get discount vouchers worth thousands.
You will get a pair of Adidas / Lotto / Reebok shoes FREE.
Then they tell you there is a one time payment of 5,500 / 5,999 / 6,599 (similar numbers) which you don’t have to pay.
It will reflect on your hdfc bank credit card statement in the next month.
If you ask why are you supposed to pay when it is a complimentary card FREE of cost, they tell you these are only taxes you pay like your taxes on restaurant bills and credit cards. They are government taxes.
If you ask, what are they names of the outlets which will give you the discount, they tell you there are 5,000 outlets all over India and they will forward the phone to another better trained FRAUD who will smooth talk you into giving them your credit card details.
They will never tell you the names of the outlets. From the reviews / complaints I have read, the outlets that support this stupid W discount card are stupid companies that you will never use in your life.

Under no circumstances let share your credit card details with these people. There is just no way you can get 30% flat discount because of some Card. Always look for fraud alerts and reviews before you buy some ‘hard to believe’ product or service.

Update : Another fraud company has come up in the name of Trans Card of TransDeals and is again fooling people in the same way.