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If you arrive at a point where the road leads two ways ….choose the third.

Create a trail for others to follow which will eventually become a highway.

Thanks for taking interest in me. Its hard writing about oneself. You know yourself the best but not everyone can portray himself in the best light. I will rather tell you what I do professionally and at personal / social level.  For anything else I will be swinging (Trazaan Swing) on some strand of the World Wide Web and you can find me there. You can start looking here…

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Sir I have Also get Call From Trans Deals Discount Card
i have pay money and i got card also but i want return it
i am calling the helpline number but not receiving the call i have call to SBI card the have told me they are fraud
what can i do ?? Please give Me Suggestion for it

Hello brother
I have also call get trans deals and make a payment given my credit card . And they are fraud.

Now they are making fake profile on instagram in the name of girl and making money by asking for paytm transfer and doing online sex. Probbaly after sending money they wont reply

I had just received the transdeal card ,and made a payment by my credit card.But don’t understand how can doing complaint on them.

Hi question about your recent blog. Did you contact Delhi customs or you just waited for them to release your parcel? I’m experiencing similar issue. Thanks!

It was cleared in 6 days. I had to pay the customs fees of 12,800 Rupee. Even though it was a gift, since it was above 10,000 INR in value custom duty applies.

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