Links in site description of Google search results? bug? enhancement?

Now this is some thing unique I discovered today.

I have a squidoo lens 10 KILLER ways to promote your Squidoo lens which was not being indexed. So I was doing a search for its title and I came across the following results. Now there was some thing which came as a surprise.  Look at the snapshot below.

Links in google site Description ?? Hows that possible?

Links in google site Description ?? Hows that possible?

Notice the third result and its description. There is a link within the description that has been picked from the sites navigation content. Squidoo has an auto generated Navigation feature that links to different sections of your lens. Now this seems to be a bug at Google’s end. Unless they have decided to add this new feature to the description content. But if the latter be true they are not linking to proper places on the page in question.

I will definitely be raising this issue with Google but I thought I would share this with my fellow Programmer, Bloggers and SEOs to find out some more about this. Have you ever come across something like this before?

Update : Looks like a bug. Isha, SEO form Mumbai did some further digging and reports it to be a Firefox error. I did some cross checking but found the error IE6 too. So I am almost convinced its a google problem.

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Lucky man to see this. Might be a google bug. Google was drunk when you searched for him and you caught him red handed LOL

or who knows google’s again experimenting something! anyway, interesting bug! link within desc… lol