This domain has been registered and is in the process of ownership verification

Have you been trying to set you Google apps for work or GSuite for your business and encountered an error like this?

This domain has been registered and is in the process of ownership verification. If you believe this registration was unauthorized, see our Signup Troubleshooter to help guide in troubleshooting this issue.

I believe you are looking at a screen with error like this : gsuite-error-domain-registered

How does this problem occur?

  1. When you leave the G Suite set-up process halfway.
    e.g I was setting up G-Suite for a client using remote desktop connection and Google somehow detected it as NOT HUMAN and we could not get the captcha verification done in 12 attempts. On refreshing I was sent back to step one of account setup. But the domain was already registered and I was stuck.
  2. Someone in your organisation had tried to set up and account and failed recently. Find him and beat him black and blue. No, don’t do that; I am joking.

So how do you fix it?

Normally such domains that were registered but never verified are sent for deletion process after 7 days automatically. The deletion process takes about another 5-7 days. If you are in no mood to wait for two weeks then there are two ways of doing it quickly.
1. Reset password method
Go to > Cannot access your account > Reset Administrator Password > complete Captcha Verification > Verify domain using file upload method > Google contacts you by mail in 24-48 hours. Issue fixed because domain is now verified
2. Account Deletion method
Go to  > Login with your email and pw for admin account > On top right go to My account > Find the delete account and services option > Delete it (sometimes there are no services and it shows empty)
Once the deletion process starts it takes 24-48 hours to get deleted. But in my case I had to wait for 3-4 days. Google GSuite reseller support kept telling me it takes 24 hours please wait a few hours.
But finally the domain will be free to use again.