Hoax: Google enters SEO Business

Now News Wire dropped a bomb yesterday declaring that “Google is planning to enter SEO Business”. But they just forgot to pack some explosives into that bomb. The result of that crazy post by Serena Shaper0 c was that half the SEO world got perturbed real bad. Questions flew everywhere and Facebook and Twitter went crazy with Serena too? How can you dare make such bid claims without valid proofs? The SEOs may be mystics but they are not dumb.

Funny thing is that some people will believe anything they read. They dont even bother to cross check the validity of the claims made by the other person. So I took some time to dig out the fact behind this all. First I arrived at this Google Forum post where a concerned SEO wanted an answers from professional whether Google is really planning to kill our profession? Similarly our dear old Matt Cutts clarified this on his twitter account.


Apparently google did post something like this on 1st April and we know how to deal with such big announcements. Remember BBC once claimed with an online show on April fools day about the improving harvest of Spaghetti noodles where europeans were plucking noodles from trees?  Ha ha… So our funny reporter found the article some 27 days latter and lost her brains over it.

Hey You...its a April Fools Joke

The final product is that we have the hoax circulating the whole web and spreading like hell fire.