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Monalisa in Honor of Breast Cancer Month - Oct 2010 (image credits :

Monalisa in Honor of Breast Cancer Month - Oct 2010 (image credits :

What do you make out of such status updates by women on facebook these days?

  • On My Bed – Soft and Familiar
  • On the Big Table
  • i like it in da closet….:)
  • dining table with candles lit.

I know what you are thinking. But thats not it. There is nothing related to sex here.  Read On.

Man you put a mystery in front of me and …poof I loose my sleep. The mystery is – whats going on????. Looks like every one else knows except me. People are liking and commenting on the statuses while we dont have a clue whats going on.

So I google the damn thing and crack the code.

This is all about the World Breast Cancer month – Oct. This is to create an awareness among women. Facebookers find an innovative way of spreading this awareness – by curiosity. You get mystified you search and you find the answer.  So you do not forget. Hmnn I like that.

Last year it was even more wicked. They talked about what color bra they are wearing. I had no idea whats going on. One of my friends (girl) posted “White and Lacey” one of my male friends commented “Blue Black Pin Strip” and I said “denim with copper”. And you should have seen the reaction from other female friends. They were laughing their heads off. We two poor souls had to delete our comments and stayed away from facebook for two days.

I am posting this so that you dont make and ass of yourself while dealing with your female friends on facebook.