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May 18, 2011

Here is the Ultimate list of SEO forums for you to learn the sacred scientific art of Search Engine optimization. (lolz Sacred is it?)

Warning : For all you spammers who are looking for lists of forums to gain signature links. Get lost and get a life.

What you are supposed to be doing with my list. I will tell you how each forum stands today. How strong is their SEO community and how good are their spam fighting moderators and admins. My final words – Learn and dont spam. Search for something in the forums before you ask stupid questions that have been answered 100 times or more before.

SEO Chat Forums (http://forums.seochat.com)
It now belongs to DevShed and they have (as people often point out) gone a bit far in monetizing the forum. Nevertheless it a solid platform and the community, though small, is very strong. I am a regular there.

SEO.com Forum (http://forums.seo.com)
That was the first ever forum I ever joined. Things turned a bit pale there but nevertheless I learned loads there. Dan Sculz and KingPin where the best I remember from there.

Digital Point SEO Forum
Its heck popular and hell active but lots of rif raf questions from newbies and less of advanced discussions. I am a member there but not so active though. Don’t know anyone in particular there but I have found some good freelancers to work with. Thats the DP advantage.

Search Guild
I remember this was started by Chris Riding. Some people claim it to be their most preferred forum. I have been there once for a while but could not continue there any longer.

SEO Guy SEO Forums
The SEO guy used to be a top member of SEO chat until the mis-understanding came up. So he went on to create the new SEO forum and many good people from SEO chat followed him there. I haven’t yet been there though.  But I will definitely be there soon. Just need to find a bit more time.

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