Chitika Ads not displaying on my site / blog

A few days ago I installed Chitika Ads to this blog of mine after getting approved by Chitika.  I had to wonder aloud scratching my head why the ads were not being displayed.  Was I doing something wrong? Did I miss some part of the ad code? I am a programmer so I know when some part of the code is missing so that last doubt could be ruled away.

After a deep search I could not find a proper guiding post that could answer my query.

Finally I decided to dig deep into the mystery so I took my Pipe and put on my Hat to do a La Holmes. Lol. Here is my report and I hope it helps you doing justice to your Chitika ads.

Lets Assume you already have registered with Chitika and have the ad code ready with you. If not Click here to get Chitika .  Make sure you have the right ad format and you pasted in a proper place on your website/blog in a fashion so that space you provide on the sites is never smaller than the original Ad size.

Now to view if the Ads are active or not add #chitikatest=keyword at the end your site url in address bar and hit enter.
for Example to see if the ads are active on my site I will use one of the following URLs : games

Now when you check your url with the #tag you should be able to view some stuff in the ad space. This means you Chitika ads are already active and ready to roll.

Now this is what I see for after using #chitikatest on my own blog.

So why does it not show on my website without those #tags ?

That is because  displays ads for Search Engine Traffic only, that too primarily from US or Canada. If the User arrived on your blog/site from the search engines then you should see those ads. Else they stay empty or Collapse as per your preference while creating the add unit. You could also prefer to show Non Targeted Filler ads from Chitika network. More on Chitika