Does Adultery cause Earth quakes? BoobQuake2010

One of my friends just shared  a hot trend on social media – BoobQuakes. Incidentally it steams form the Iranian cleric’s remarks about adultery influencing earth’s seismic activity. (More on Yahoo)
Quoting form Yahoo –

“Many women who do not dress modestly… lead young men astray, corrupting their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes,” Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted last week as saying by Iranian media.

So Mr Sedighi who probably has done some deep research into seismic-sex is of opinion that jerks in society who cheat on their partners are responsible for the jerks on earth’s crust, that we call earthquakes.
One brave female blogger defied the preaching and called for a public bashing of this idea. This has eventually snowballed into BoobQuakes. There have been two BoobQuake rallies to prove Mr Sedighi wrong. Believe it or not after the Boobquakes hit the streets a 6.5 Richter scale earthquake hit Taiwan. Do you see any logic behind Taiwan people being punished for the immodesty of European and West Asian Chics?

Well here is the world seismic activity map(courtesy – Most of the harsh quakes seem to be happening in the island and coastal regions. Do the sharks and octopuses have anything to contribute to our equation of illegal sex and earthquakes? May be it is the shrimps who live in the coastal waters. You might also notice that the deserted places are void of earth quakes too. No earthquakes seem to hit Tundra or Siberia or Ice Caps. So it has something to do with sexual activity.
Again what about the European countries where sex trade is permitted? They do not get as many Quakes as Indonesia does – the world’s largest Muslim population area.

Here is my final report on this issue.
Don’t waste your time relating Adultery to Earthquakes. If women could cause natural disasters by flaunting cleavage then men are doomed, but so are women.