Do you get sales calls from company called TransDeal or Trans Discount card.  This is the same company or another fraudulent spin off of infamous w-discount card. Based on my personal analysis and my past experience with such companies in the past, I advice you not to make any deal with Transdeals or TransDeal. (Whatever the name of the company is – they don’t know themselves)

TransCard - discount shopping card First I received a call from 0120 414 4841 and Transdeal offered the following

  1. I had been selected based on my Credit Card goodwill. (but they did not know which card – lol)
  2. They told me I would get 20% discount on all my shopping and I could make huge savings.
  3. I would get  Lottos shoe worth 5000, a watch worth 3,500, a formal shirt worth 1,850
  4. I would get a holiday package for my family with 4 star or 5 star rating hotels.
  5. More coupons and Vouchers

I told the lady who called, I don’t like this offer and let me check online what is the public opinion about your product. She told me we have our website (is having a website proof of a legit business? well NO). I checked their website – even they are not themselves sure what is their company. They say “trans card”, “trans deals”, “trans deal”, “trans shopping card” etc. I checked their website and seems to have been made by one of those “4000 Rs mein website banwaye” companies. Terms and Conditions link is blank and so is privacy policy. They only have one page of senseless ranting on their “about us” section.

Take a look at their offering in their own wordings. It is complete garbage and it does not give an iota of information. It is just pure bullshit meant to mislead naive people.

“As your wishes grow so would our endeavor to add new brands and services not only from India but from across the globe. With constant technology up gradation we would be able to fulfill all your discount deals from ID card membership , vouchers or even on mobile (coming soon)wherever they are located. With the growing number of destinations and offers we have also instituted the concept of a 100%+ guarantee for every one of the offers listed in the book. “

When the tele-caller understood I was a tricky customer she called back from another mobile number -9211824689. She also transferred me to her senior manager when I told her about fraud mentions on popular consumer complaint sites. This senior manager tried to convince me with multiple explanations. I asked him what would be the cost of the holiday in 4-5 star hotel that your are offering. He said “no it is 3-4 star hotel” and that the sales executives don’t really know the finer details. He said the cost of the vacation that we are giving you is 13,000 – 15,000. So I asked him how do you give me 15,000 holiday package and 10,000 worth of products as compliments on an payment of 7,999 rupees? He had know answer and he tried to give bull shit explanations.

Then he started talking about transcard discounts. I could buy from BigBazaar and save 20%? I said I will veryfy that from BigBazar and let you know. Then he said its upto 20% off and its complicated. Sometimes they already have discounts like “wednessday bazzar” discounts and in that case the transcard / trans deal discount will be 5% or similar.

I clearly understood this is a scam, and I told him – dude I don’t trust any word of yours. Please don’t waste my time and yours. He tried to convince me and finally I had to be rude and told him to shut up and shove the transdeal card up his ***.

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  1. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    I also received call from Transdeal and opened this page in parallel. Thanks for you wonderful people sharing your experience over here.

    They offered same things to me and at the end they told me they are charging marginal fee of 7999/- and giving you product and vouchers worth 35000/.
    Number they called – 09211824718 – Sonal (i know this may not be be real name).

    Purely fraud company.. NEVER EVER go for such DISCOUNTS CARD.
    In this world nothing will come free except from your loved ones.. Others are here to make some material gain from you!!.

    Good day and stay safe!!

  2. Priyatam Mishra says:

    I also got a call from the same company but this time their number was different. their new number was 9289225249. I know how these fraudsters work day and night to fool people and thus I avoided their call after first call. but then after they are continuously calling me to take the membership plan. I don’t know much about the company but I am damn sure that this company can’t give as much they are promising*. Take your decision wisely before buying their membership.


    Trans deals discount card fraud

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