My Renewed interest in Poetry

Here is my feeble attempt at poetry. The last time I had written something poetic was when I was in senior school. It seems you need to experience love to be able to write poetry. I never believed in it until it happened to me.  So friends, here are a few lines dedicated to all those who have loved.

Most of it is Hindi and a couple of words of Punjabi. So it is a typical Delhite poem. I sincerely hope you like it. Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

uus raat mein 2 baje tak royaa
pataa nahin kab soya
ghanti boli, aankhen khuli, takiye ko mein bheega paayaa.

samne wale paaji phuche, ki hoya?
thoda muskuraya
aur bola, paaji, chot dil pe lagi to thoda dard hoya.

Blog Comments

i like it… so finally u realized what it takes to be a poet.. he he. all the best 🙂