The legend of the Navratri Thali

Jai Mata Di.

Its Navratri again. There are people fasting around me. You know its Navratri when ladies you know say no to regular food. Well rituals are supposed to be fasting but our ever evolving Panditjis and our eternally creative Halwais made outstanding use of loopholes to commercialize the Navratri Fasting.

Behold this picture of a simple Navratri Thali. They will be available at all leading vegan restaurants in north India.  My last 5 years in New Delhi has drilled enough business sense into me not to react to such blatant commercialization and senseless fashion. Delhite beauties “feast” rather than “fast” on the occasion of Navratri.

One is supposed to invoke the supreme Mother Shakti, who embodies the pure energy of this universe, through fasting or sacrificing food so that the divine energy may remain around you for a long time. It is supposed to protect you from mishaps and give you positive energy to prosper in life. Does this in any way look like sacrifice to you? Whom are you kidding?

Here is list of Dishes you can religiously savour while FASTING during navratra. If you a good husband, or a loving Son, or a doting Boyfriend make sure you treat your ladies to these delicacies. It completes your devotion to the supreme Mother and showers you with pure energy till the next Navratri.

Here is a list of dishes we can consume and yet be Fasting. I seriously do not know how but this is what our Panditji will prescribe.

  • Sabudana vada
  • Sabudana Khichadi
  • Makhane Ki Sabzi
  • Sawank Ke Chawal
  • Kuttu ke aate ki puri
  • Dahi Pudine Wale Aloo
  • Makhane Ki Sabzi
  • Shakarkandi Ki Chaat
  • Sabudana Papad
  • Banana Raita
  • Aloo Raita
  • Singhare Ke Pakode
  • Banana Chips
  • Kaddu Ka Raita
  • Malaiwale Kofte
  • Fruits/Fruit Juices
  • Sabudana Khir
  • Bhagar

Haldirams, Bikanerwala and other leading Vegan restaurants make a brisk business just by fooling people and inducing fake fashion. A Navratri thali will cost about 30% higher than a regular thali, while the ingredients are all cheap stuff we would rather avoid on any regular day.

I wonder how long will we fool ourselves? One last line for those who believe in the Supreme Mother Shakti.
If you believe in her and want to sacrifice food then FAST as fasting should be. Selective feasting is NOT fasting, its a unwanted luxury and far from sacrifice.

For those who are not fanatic about fasting and just wish to enjoy the Navratri Dishes please enjoy yourself. They are tasty and in many cases nutritious as well.