List of why this Kolaveri Di memes and Spoofs

Why this Kolaveri di song has gone viral with more than 7 Million hits in 7 days. the song is so catchy 100s of memes have sprung up in a week. There is more to follow. Till then here is a list of some very interesting Kolaveri Di memes.

Sharad Pawar Kolaveri Di Meme

This is the best of them. It was first posted by Indlish as a Sharad Pawar – Kolaveri Di Photo Meme. Latter some very interesting videos came up. Lyrics in some of them are quite impressive as well. I could not afford to miss this one.

Chokri Kharcha Di – Kolaveri Meme in Gujurati

This one is special as well. Pretty well managed and address a question faced by young lovers. Features Dj Adee and Rj Roshan. I am not sure who the hell are those people. May be popular local performers.

Tamda Rasa Kolhapuri Kolhapuri Gee – Marathi Version

I did not get what the crap they are saying but I appreciate their effort. If someone could help us with the lyrics for the Marathi version it would be super awesome.

Kolaveri Di – Female Version

I don’t like anything about this version. It won’t classify as a meme either. But I am listing it here as it was the first ever female version of the song. If you make a female version change the bloody context. It makes no sense when a girl gives voice to a heart broken drunk boy’s emotions.

George Bush – Condoleeza Rice – Kollaveri Di Spoof

This one is hilarious. The best Video + Audio mixing I have seen yet for the Kolaveri Di song. Quite enjoyable, though a bit naughty.

Kolaveri Di – International Lungi Version

Man! who the hell made that made that scum an actor? These rascals and the bloody director are screwing our image worldwide. Nevertheless enjoy it, for being the shittiest spoof of Kolaveri.