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Vanity url for facebook page | Flat URLs for FB Page

If you arrived on this page then you must be looking for a way to get those sweet looking facebook page urls. I assume you already know how to get kool Vanity urls for your profile.

If you want a flat url or Vanity url for your profile. Simply go to Home > Account Setting > Edit Username. Thats all.

For those of you who need to have a kool looking URL for FB Pages

We all get pages made for our business, blog, dog’s page, girl fiend’s dog’s photo page or whatever stuff we do on the pages we have. But some people like to promote those pages for a profit or just to gain some public appreciation. One of my employees who is a link builder – he gets one Facebook Page like request (you like my page I like your page kind of crap) every 5 minutes when he is signed in.

Whatever way you follow to promote your facebook page, a simple url always helps. No I wont blabber any more – here follow this screen shots and you will have your Facebook Page Vanity URL ready. If you like this do give me a like of share this post. cheers and good luck with your shameless promotions. 😛

Now here is how my Company page looks like

I want a better one. like

So I go to this link while I am signed in on Facebook.

Choose which page you want to get a Vanity URL for.

You can see I already have my Profile URL set. If you havn’t yet you can do it here too.

You can now provide what url you want. Choose something sweet and small.

Once you have picked your desired URL check its availability. You can see some rascal already took my desired URL. So I have to improvise and yet stick to my desired url. So I picked Nth.Dimension.India

Now my facebook page has the url makes sense? Well my domain is so I added India.

Rules to follow

  • You can use only alpha-numeric characters and ‘.’ period.
  • You cannot change your facebook page username again.
  • you cannot transfer it to another facebook account.
  • if you do not own the right to the user name it will be confiscated by the rightful owner.
  • if you sell the page to another company and it tracked by facebook it will be reclaimed.
  • only admins of the pages can create the vanity URL. It need not be the owner. A facebook page can have multiple admins.

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