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After getting bored with all the partial information available about TKO muster troops I decided to post my own. This post gives you the correct information about

  1. various types of Muster Troops and their attack/defense/ expense statistics
  2. All available Muster heros and what units they can muster.
  3. What do you need to successfully Muster troops?
  4. What are the various advantages of Mustering Troops.

Muster Troops Characteristics

(Attack, Infantry Defense, Cavalry Def, Carry, Speed, Population )
Muster troops in Three Kingdoms

Cost of each Muster Troop

 Troop Type  Wood  Stone   Iron  Food
Rattan Infantry1006013050
War Elephant37708575
Boreal Cavalry622003740
Rapscallion 5010016045

Special Heros who can Muster Troops

 Troop Type  Muster Heros  Muster Heros   Muster Heros  Muster Heros
Rattan InfantryZhu YanYin SheJin She
War ElephantJiao liLan YeTuo Ba
Boreal CavalryJin YanTuo XieDan Na
RapscallionHuyeChi XianBa Hu

Requirements and Tips

You need have to recruit the right hero from the Hermit House on the Resources Tab of TKO game. The heros are not available every day. If you are keep looking every day you can spot them. You will need certain “Flags” to abe able to challenge the hero. You can gain those flags from the Quests Page – Hermit’s Quests.

how to muster troops