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BING being SLOW thing

With the launch of BING, Microsoft’s new search engine some people have become highly optimistic about it. In particular those who did not manage to get good SERP rankings for their keywords in Google. Now with the merger of Yahoo search and Bing WWW would see bing as the single largest challenger of Google for the place of world’s most popular search engine. Well I don’t see this as an age heralded early. The combined forces of Yahoo and MSN used to control a fourth of Search engine market. Yahoo used to be the second, behind Google. It remains to be seen how well will Bing do. Will the market share rise of the ardent Yahoo followers switch over to Google?

As far as BING goes I do like some features of the SERPs. To stay up to date with the happenings I joined the webmaster’s forum at BING. You would not believe the support they provide out there totally sucks. There are a bunch of Rag Tag web master who, like parrots, recite a line or two for every query you post. The official responses are not very encouraging either. Experts are no where to be spotted. What ever you ask related to indexing, algorithms, delay in caching, geo location errors, ranking etc etc here are some answers you would invariably get.

1. BING is new so it will take some time to index.
2. BING is slow so you have to wait till your site is updated.
3. Submit your site map and URL to web master tools
4.Get more back links if you are not indexed.

I was so pissed up with the BING being SLOW thing that I even posted this back on the forum for the web master and Admins to see : –
What use is a “SLOW Thing” to anyone but the snail. If this continues, then the world would start using BING as a synonym for SLOW. Like this ..
The Traffic was very BING today.
Hurry up mate, you are BINGing down the group.
Let me know your experiences with BING web master tools or forums.


  1. It’s worrying for small sites like my own who do really well on google and yahoo! (which will coon be powered by bing). I can get #1 spot on words like “sarmouni” or “Idries Shah successor” and don’t show at all on bing. Looks like it’s all about “quality backlinks”.

  2. @Pradeep Only the looks are some what good and a couple of features. Apart form that nothing is kool. Its indexing algo sucks royally.
    @Ricky I share your concern friend. Even with the site listed in bing webmaster tools and around 200 backlinks I have failed to get a site indexed in Bing. So to hell with them.

  3. I got a couple of sites, and regarding SERP and indexing, BING seems to be behind google and yahoo in speed. In three months, it managed to index only home pages, no inner pages whatsoever. And SERP for those pages is terrible.
    One of my sites is on the first page on Google and Yahoo, and yet not even in the first 10 pages of Bing.
    I hope, when it finishes whatever it has got to finish I will start getting some nice traffic from there, but I guess that won’t be possible without waiting for 6 months. Maybe bing prefers blogs over other sites…I don’t know

  4. guess what..Bing does not index 302 redirected pages right now. That is down right stupid. Lot of links are 302 redirected. Most of the url shorteners are 302 re directions. Brett – their forum admin says so.

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