TransDeal Discount Card fraud – Avoid at all costs

March 25, 2016

Do you get sales calls from company called TransDeal or Trans Discount card.  This is the same company or another fraudulent spin off of infamous w-discount card. Based on my personal analysis and my past experience with such companies in the past, I advice you not to make any deal with Transdeals or TransDeal. (Whatever the name of the company is – they don’t know themselves)

TransCard - discount shopping card First I received a call from 0120 414 4841 and Transdeal offered the following

  1. I had been selected based on my Credit Card goodwill. (but they did not know which card – lol)
  2. They told me I would get 20% discount on all my shopping and I could make huge savings.
  3. I would get  Lottos shoe worth 5000, a watch worth 3,500, a formal shirt worth 1,850
  4. I would get a holiday package for my family with 4 star or 5 star rating hotels.
  5. More coupons and Vouchers

I told the lady who called, I don’t like this offer and let me check online what is the public opinion about your product. She told me we have our website (is having a website proof of a legit business? well NO). I checked their website – even they are not themselves sure what is their company. They say “trans card”, “trans deals”, “trans deal”, “trans shopping card” etc. I checked their website and seems to have been made by one of those “4000 Rs mein website banwaye” companies. Terms and Conditions link is blank and so is privacy policy. They only have one page of senseless ranting on their “about us” section.

Take a look at their offering in their own wordings. It is complete garbage and it does not give an iota of information. It is just pure bullshit meant to mislead naive people.

“As your wishes grow so would our endeavor to add new brands and services not only from India but from across the globe. With constant technology up gradation we would be able to fulfill all your discount deals from ID card membership , vouchers or even on mobile (coming soon)wherever they are located. With the growing number of destinations and offers we have also instituted the concept of a 100%+ guarantee for every one of the offers listed in the book. “

When the tele-caller understood I was a tricky customer she called back from another mobile number -9211824689. She also transferred me to her senior manager when I told her about fraud mentions on popular consumer complaint sites. This senior manager tried to convince me with multiple explanations. I asked him what would be the cost of the holiday in 4-5 star hotel that your are offering. He said “no it is 3-4 star hotel” and that the sales executives don’t really know the finer details. He said the cost of the vacation that we are giving you is 13,000 – 15,000. So I asked him how do you give me 15,000 holiday package and 10,000 worth of products as compliments on an payment of 7,999 rupees? He had know answer and he tried to give bull shit explanations.

Then he started talking about transcard discounts. I could buy from BigBazaar and save 20%? I said I will verify that from BigBazar and let you know. Then he said its upto 20% off and its complicated. Sometimes they already have discounts like “Wednesday bazzar” discounts and in that case the transcard / trans deal discount will be 5% or similar.

I clearly understood this is a scam, and I told him – dude I don’t trust any word of yours. Please don’t waste my time and yours. He tried to convince me and finally I had to be rude and told him to shut up and shove the transdeal card up his ***.


  1. yes this is a fraud company. they are taking money and there is no response also. they are saying they are going to tie up with no of outlets after two it not possible to file a complient on this company

  2. Same fraud scheme happened with me with the Transdeals card. They at least told you about most of the outlets.. In my case, they said you can use it in every outlet you want. When i called them, they said its all recorded and we will not make any false commitments. But when i asked them for checking that recorded cal.. They backed out… TRANSDEALS.IN is a fraud company with fraud services… The same 20% 10% voucher codes that are freely available on the other sites are being sold by them with a false commitment that these are exclusive codes (which are not at all exclusive). Moreover, the 1st sentence they will tell you after calling you is that since you are a loyal customer of ‘axis bank’ (or some other bank) you have been chosen for this offer. However, they are not at all associated with any such banks..These people are complete group of frauds.

    • Yes same thing has happened with me also……..and after this also they keep responding my call and given me some helpline no….with some consignment
      no.In every call they r trying to make me calm and postive apart from their negative remaks on net.They said i must wait for 15days i will recieve my card with some gift vouchers and us polo kit.but i din not believe on them because no addon card give u 20 % discount at all merchant outlet.Then i have enquired about this transaction to credit card dept…..of my bank.They confimed me that it was a fake transaction…..then i have called to paytm cc…..because fraud transaction…was completed through Pay tm.They we also unable to trace it and handed over this case to paytm cyber cell.They taken up this matter seriously and they asked few detail regarding transaction and card…no..and after 5days i got back my money.Thank you very much to cyber team of pay tm ……thanks alot

  3. Transdeal is a fake company. Its just trying to cheat the customers.
    The Customer Care in-charge is also not ready to co-operate for any issues. I think the best option for the same is to lodge a complain for the same to Consumer Forum for the fraud by this service provider.

  4. I also received call from Transdeal and opened this page in parallel. Thanks for you wonderful people sharing your experience over here.

    They offered same things to me and at the end they told me they are charging marginal fee of 7999/- and giving you product and vouchers worth 35000/.
    Number they called – 09211824718 – Sonal (i know this may not be be real name).

    Purely fraud company.. NEVER EVER go for such DISCOUNTS CARD.
    In this world nothing will come free except from your loved ones.. Others are here to make some material gain from you!!.

    Good day and stay safe!!

    • I got a call too…when anyone gets a call informing about the benefits, simply tell them you dont use either of the cards…they hang up straight away…lol

  5. I also got a call from the same company but this time their number was different. their new number was 9289225249. I know how these fraudsters work day and night to fool people and thus I avoided their call after first call. but then after they are continuously calling me to take the membership plan. I don’t know much about the company but I am damn sure that this company can’t give as much they are promising*. Take your decision wisely before buying their membership.

    • I also received a call from 9289225242, 9289225240,& 011413074035 and they offered me the same thing costing Rs. 7440.Later on, when i told them that i don’t have the balance, they said ok sir now you pay only 2000.00. We will send you the link.. These guys are totallybullshit…Its better to get the discount from the bank, whose card one is using. Be vigilant and take your decision wisely.

    • I also recieved call for same package then i serach on internet and refuse to that people. Even thier executive told me that is PAYBACK card, then i called in Payback they told me please provide us detaisl of that person to take action.

  6. GO AND BEAT this GUY to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Domain ID:D9081467-AFIN
    Domain Name:TRANSDEALS.IN
    Created On:06-Jan-2015 11:06:49 UTC
    Last Updated On:07-Jan-2016 22:32:14 UTC
    Expiration Date:06-Jan-2017 11:06:49 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Net4India (R7-AFIN)
    Registrant ID:R15010616313790
    Registrant Name:N A
    Registrant Organization:Blue Orange Incentives Pvt. Ltd.
    Registrant Street1:Patel Nagar
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Delhi
    Registrant State/Province:Delhi
    Registrant Postal Code:110008
    Registrant Country:IN
    Registrant Phone:+91.9810212034

  7. I received a call from this +91 92 89 225247 and it was the above number. I found suspicious and I asked her the website and read the reviews … I was totally shocked.

  8. Got a call from number +91 92-89-221505

    Total bullshit talks .. Don’t trust or share any details of yours .. Even your address . It’s fun to talk just enjoy d Timepass and shut the fuck up

  9. They offered same things to me and at the end they told me they are charging marginal fee of 7999/- and giving you product and vouchers worth 35000/.
    sir give me a idea for returning my money 7999/=

  10. I tool received a call from number 9210061802. I’m asking again and again their company name then they told transdeals and gave another website name mentioned as they are promoting this company. They were not ready to send agent or tell any address of their company. All the time they eat up your time explaining benefits of the card.

    Finally I asked him to send me a email with all the details of benefits and let me take some time to decide. They even didn’t ask my email and dropped the call.

  11. TransDeal seem to be a well established fraudulent company. Their team uses various methods to cheat people. Sharing my experience – I received calls which showed up on Truecaller as Andhra Pradesh numbers – +91 87458 86791, +91 87448 12655 & +91 87458 89428. Their so called helpline numbers were Delhi 91936271766 & +91 9136129026. The ploy used here was that my Credit Card points were expiring and they were giving me discount card, vouchers, Club British Polo products for the amount equivalent to the points expiring. I checked with my bank about my points expiring and they confirmed that it was a fraudulent call.

  12. Got the same call. 20% discount on EVERYTHING. The lady kept insisting on me taking the card. I said I wanted all the terms and conditions before doing anything. She refused saying that they will be shown only when the card is given by hand. This confused me. So I said I wanted time and that I’d check their website. This is the first page I got when I googled. Thanks mate. Their site is garbage. Not verified. Its just a page with a bunch of discounts for different written on it.

  13. Hi All

    Even i got the call but this Time they didn’t disclose the name instead they were saying that they are calling from Credit card service Vendors.They keep on changing the mobile nos and calling me again and again.

    As you are well aware that they will be saying they charge only service tax worth rs 7999.Here comes how the card works one my friend has purchased that trans deals card.and he got the Kit as expected (including UCB watch,wallet and holiday vouchers)not sure how holiday voucher works.But this card is not the one that they promised.

    Trans deals card contains only selected outlets which is no use ,no More mega store,no Reliance,no Dmart.
    it contains only bigbazar. But they are saying that the discount card is applicable on all private sectors.Its a monster Lie.and also they are saying they will provide discount vouchers but in reality its nothing.

    i request you not to fall in this trap.and please save your money and time

  14. I got a call claiming that they are calling from HDFC bank and they are offering Discount card based on my CC transactions. They said I will get 20% OFF on everything wherever they accept VISA Debit/Credit card.
    Their company name is TRANSDEALS currently using the name JUST HOLIDAYS, they are the no. 1 well established fraud company. They will not tell their company name until you make the payment (for me it is Rs 7890). They will not allow you to think and will keep pushing you until you make the payment. Beware of these creatures who are trained to cheat people.
    Only when I received the kit, I realized that this is not from HDFC bank and called them right away and asked for the refund. I told them I never used this card even once, even I didn’t register in your website and asked for the refund and to take back the kit which they sent.
    After two weeks of multiple calls, all my efforts ended in vain. I really don’t believe that a group of people exist just to cheat people on their hard earned money in professional way.
    I will try my best to log legal complaints against them but not sure whether it will work out.
    I conclude, requesting everyone who reads this not to trust these guys (not sure they are really humans) and log complaints against them and hopefully God will teach them and their family a lesson very soon (praying).
    Discount card: 99-42841 (Never registered or used)
    Company name: Transdeals (Currently using JUST HOLIDAYS). They will claim they are calling from HDFC, SBI or any bank.
    Their CC no. : 08010917944
    Name of persons with whom I spoke: Abishek, Rubby, Naveen and few more…

  15. Hello All,

    I also received a call and buy this products price Rs, 8400. they cheated me. they told me that i can get 20% discount with all my transaction with help of this card of TRANDEAL.

    But i never get it. Actually they never send Invoice copy of this product with currier.
    So, anyone can help me. what can i do to teach a lesson to these people.


  16. Same here. He introduced himself as Rahul and his number is 9212019520.
    Is there any way we can report this and close down this scam business?

  17. They are fucking scam.. I still have their active number probably it’s going to be lost very soon. If India police tend to help me with that we could surely catch those ass holes fuck them with bumboo.. but i don’t trust Indian police to deal with they are ass holes themselves

    • I got a call too. Made a payment 8250/-. My card was registered. But the discount vouchers showing on the website is completely different. They said 30% on all outlets and with the online shopping. It’s completely scam, it is showing for Rs 1000/- you will get only 50/- discount. This is completely fraudulent, please someone take an initiative and stop the fraudulent charges for others . Beware of this fucking dogs and Damn bull shit people!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I also received call from Transdeal and shopcrazy. In company… First she said 4 dimensions company and parallely i checked your blog and replies from you guys.. I was lucky to lost my 7499. LOL a lot of services with so much insisted way.. Fuck off whatever the deal you have, Transdeal, shopcrazy, 4 dimensions

  19. got a call from them today (15-05-2017) .. thought of checking the website online and found this reviews .. got saved by Thanks much.

  20. They called me and said, calling from credit card dept and offering this discount card , bank is changing their
    reward point policy as many do not redeem this reward points and giving this Discount card for a Latto shoe and shirt. for a fee of Rs 7761.00. They said with in 72 working hours ,will be sending me EMI statement for the period of 2 years. which will be debited from the saving we make from using this discount card, They took my card details and debited my card with fee amount. I have received shoes and shirt along with Discount card. I hope this discount card work well as they promised and save on my purchase.

  21. It happened with us also they completely cheated on us …transdeal is a fake company

  22. I too got a call and they have put a payment due on credit card. How can I stop the payment? Please help.

  23. i bought one transdeal card. Your couster care or sale team cheated me. All information are wrong. Every word is wrong. They said that u need to pay in emi but deduct in one time from my axis credit card.
    Also they give one holiday voucher which is not not working
    Also they promise that u will get a discount in more outlet when i visit they said that we dont know who is transdeal. So please do the need full.

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