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Happy Independence Day to you too dude.
Yes Finally india completed its 62nd year of Independence 🙂
Nice post but i think you are thinking so negatively.
Troubles and solutions just go hand in hand.
People are already in terror why making feel them more of it.
I know your feelings are genuine but in these 62 years Indai have developed so much and our wings are not so week that we just get thrown out by a wind jerk.
We have wings and we know how to cope and came out of these troubles.
In this independece day you should ask everyone to be strong and stay hand in hand to face any terrible situation if any.
And i know this can be happend only in INDIA

Happy Independence Day
Jai Hind

Thank You Isha. You are such a positive spark. I am blunt. I don’t sugarcoat things. I say them as they are.
Rooturaj – Indian to the genes.