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I have been engrossed with this online browser based game for some time now.  Actually it is taking up a huge part of my time but its an addiction I cant get over soon. LOL.

Till then if you are one like me and would like to conquer one of  those oasis next to you then you would  find this troop strength statistics very useful. They are not like those travian oasis defenders. These are lot harder to beat. The attack and defense parameters are shocking.

Take a look at this graphical chart of nature troops in oasis. This should help you calculate how large an army you would need to clear the oasis. Notice the 5th column. When you see a particular unit in your oasis you need N times troops than those of the kind. Col 5 gives you that  N value.

src : forum.koramgame.com

src : forum.koramgame.com

I have been an expert at oasis raiding in Travian. But this is a lot more difficult in The Three Kingdoms. This game is a chine version of  travian and ebony rolled into one. Pretty kool  I feel except for the Chinese names. They all sound so similar that I loose track of who is who and what is where in the factions.

How to conquer an Oasis in Three Kingdom?

You need these following things to qualify as an oasis conqueror.
1.  At least one Hero
2. Career Center at level 10
3. A target oasis within your 7×7 squares area.
So using the chart above calculate how many troops will be needed to clear the oasis successfully. I recommend at least 1:3 troops ratio for a successful raid. Where your troops are a mixed force of infantry, cavalry and archers.

Once you have the troops ready plunder the oasis with along with your hero. Messengers wont work. Once the defenders are cleared the oasis will fall into your hands. In case you are attacking an oasis already owned by another player then you will need to attack with hero in Destroy mode.

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