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Defense Tips and Tricks for TKO – Three Kingdom Online

Ok guys..Now this takes my obsession to new heights.  I have started writing posts for the MMORPG game. I hope it will help those thousands of people who are interested in the Game. This article will be addressing you defense problems. I will tell you what to do when you are under attack from a stronger or regular army. There are three ways of doing it.  1. Defend with power 2. Dodge the Attack 3. Collaborative Defense

Defending with Power

Go for this option if you expect your attacker to be having lesser no of troops than your own. Upgrade your walls to maximum levels as you can. Use your soldiers Armour from armoursmith. If you have archers put them in towers. You tower wil be on you wall. Click the tower and use enter-all option. All the archers will move into it. Now their attack parameters equal defense parameters. If you can pack your wall with as many rocks, logs and barricades as you can. Traps and Blinds are very useful as well. Your traps further improve your archers defense.

Dodging the Attack

If you are not ready to face the attack it is good to dodge the attack. All you need to do is send the troops away to get resources from raiding other cities. Else you can send them on faction quests. If you have a small army just recovering from attacks put your troops in bunkers. This way they will be safe from attacks. Make sure you use up all your resources or make many hidden ware houses to save your resources from attackers. While you are in dodge mode do not rebuild your wall devices if there are continuous attacks. Only when you are ready to face the enemy build the defense devices on the wall.

Collaborative Defense

This is by far the best tactic. Talk to your friends and gather a large army to face the attacker. If you have a big support then your losses will me minimum and the attacker will be badly hurt.  Here your friendly members will have to defend one city. Many players do a mistake while supporting and end up killing their own people. So be careful while supporting a friend. Use the support option from command center. See the image below. supporting When a large no of troops are defending a city we need to take care of the food requirements too. So the defending members should send some grain regularly to sustain the troops. Contact the defender to see how much grain he can take. They might grow waste when the granary is full. Scouting Defense Keep some scouts ready. So that the attackers does not get a prior information about your troops and supporting forces.

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