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Infinity Blade Cheats | Get infinite money and upgrades

Hi Gamers,

I have been playing Infinity Blade on my iPad this week and now here I am writing up my experience how to finish the game real fast.
Here are some easy cheats and tricks for Infinity Blade mastery.

At one point in the game you come to a place that looks like this.

This is the situation where you fight a Huge warrior (troll, golem or guardian) that descends from the lift. Now after beating him you are supposed to climb up by clicking the blue circle at the top of the picture. But instead of that you go down. You go to the place where the infinity blade’s empty holder lies. It looks something like this.

infinity blade cheats for extra money and upgrades
infinity blade cheats for extra money and upgrades

Here you fight another warrior on your way back to the lift. You get more money for beating him. Once you are done head upstairs and to the place we came from. Refer to the first picture.

Now here are the Infinity blade Cheats and tricks I promised

  • When you go up again you get to fight another warrior like the first fight we had at the lift area vs trolls/golems/guardians. Get more money XP.
  • You go down again to the cavern below instead of  going up to face the dark knight and the God Warrior.
  • Keep looping and making more XP and gold.
  • Make sure you buy all small value equipments from the store and Master them. When you master them you get one Skill Point and when you level up you get two skill points. Use them to increase you skill set. Spend it wisely.
  • Once the Items are mastered you can sell them for more cash.

Have fun, enjoy the game. Share your experience with me and my readers.


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