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Troops Strength in TKO Counties and Capitals | Attacking Counties Successfully

This post will address your owes about taking Counties in Three Kingdom online strategy game. Counties are special cities that have very high resources output and a huge troops capacity. I know you want to have one of them. I just did and it is darn useful.

blue - Counties - TKO - 15,000 defenders.
blue - Counties - TKO - 15,000 defenders.

What are counties and What do I get out of it?

The Blue ones are counties with around 1100-1200 population. They have fully upgraded buildings. These are packed with granaries and ware houses. You cannot trade from these cities. But you can send resources form other cities to this one. Barrack and Stable are level 20 so you can churn out troops fast. Plus, you get 4500 of each resource per hour. 5500 or so food.

Can anyone take away my county?

Yeah they can. Your County or Capital does not count as a permanent city like your cities. So it does not reflect on your rankings as well. Nor does it eat up your culture points required to take the capital. You probably need to defeat the standing army to win over the county form another player.

Who Guards the Counties?

The system guards it. There is a force of 15,000 troops to defend the city. 10000 swordsmen and 5000 heavy infantry of wei type. So be prepared before you plan to take it. Nothing less than 10,000 troops will bring it down. If you don’t have so many troops then you might need to seek help form you friends or league. For example the county I took recently with my friends needed 12 players sending between 1000 to 2000 troops each.

It can be effectively be achieved with 3-4 players sending a force of 3000 to 4000 each. The more the cavalry you send the better. There are theories that 3000 cavalry (Imperial Guards, Quing Cavalary or similar) can do it alone.

Capital Cities appear purple. See the image below. They have got 30,000 defenders in there. I have no idea what are the benefits. There will be more resources I guess. Will let you know when we do take one on s9 server.

Capital City in Three Kingdom - 30,000 defenders
Capital City in Three Kingdom - 30,000 defenders

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