Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Now viral spam on facebook tags your friends on indecent content.

I was tagged on a note / link shared by a friend. The content was in Spanish language and I am dead sure this particular friend has no Spanish girlfriend for whom he would learn Spanish overnight. The thumbnail accompanying the link was showed some semi nude women.

That was enough to trigger a spam alert in my already spam suspicious brain. (sorry can’t help). As I have always pointed out, being spam conscious is the best defense against getting hacked and then spamming your friends.

Sample Spam Attack on Facebook

Here is a snapshot (edited) of the viral spam attack infecting thousands on facebook. I am sharing this with a hope that it will help you be  “spam suspicious” like me. So next time you come across something similar –

  • DO NOT click the link.
  • Untag yourself from the post (see the red box above – I did it) It will stop the post from appearing on your timeline.
  • Alert your friend about the infection and ask them to double check every application they have allowed. Disallow all unnecessary apps.
  • Run a through system scan if things do not improve.
  • Ask your friends to change their Facebook Password ASAP.
Well to help some more people keep themselves spam free do share this post. Cheers.

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I have started a new project called the Indic Dictionary. This will cover popular household words in India and what they are called in various languages. Eventually, I will make this an easy to use app where where people can easily find something like “hing in English” or “Tea Tree Oil in Hindi” or “carrom seeds in Urdu”.