3Kingdoms Quizes | Daily Quest Questions and Answers

Looks to me like you are another three kingdom online maniac. LOL.  I am a fan too though not maniac. I understand how tough it is to gather resources in the begining. So every little quest and every ounce of resources matters.

In the daily quests 3Kingdoms Quizes gives you an opportunity to learn and earn as well. So I am compiling some questions for you in the hope that it will help your game. Some questions are not answered. If you can please answer them or add new questions in the comments area. I will update you post and give you the credits for the same.

Why doesn’t your population diminish after you are looted by others?

  • Enemy is good.
  • Today is Peace Day.
  • You have a good luck.
  • You enemy doesn’t use Battering Ram and Demolisher. right

Which of the following descriptions of theater is incorrect:

  • You can deposit resources in the theater and hold celebrations to increase the commercial value of your city.
  • All your cities can share one theater.
  • The resources you deposited in the theater can be withdrawn if necessary. right
  • Theater can hold celebration to increase the commercial value of your city.

In Three Kingdoms, who is generally considered the most clever and resourceful strategist?

  • Sima Yi
  • Zhou Yu
  • Xun Yu
  • Zhuge Liang – right

What is called “Double Strike” in the game?

  • Attack two cities at the same time.
  • Two players attack the same city at the same time.
  • Two players attack each other.
  • Command the Demolishers to attack 2 targets at the same time in the Command Center.  – right

# Who of the following is not a Heroine?

  • Sun Shangxiang
  • Ma Yunlu
  • Lu Lingqi
  • Chen Lin – right

# Which of the following descriptions of library is incorrect:

  • You can research increasing the caravan load in the library.
  • Wu Country can research water traffic.
  • Shu Country can research on special vehicles.
  • Wei Country can’t carry out researches in library. – Ture

# Which state does not belong to Jian Ning?

  • Qing Zhou
  • Yong Zhou
  • Yi Zhou
  • Jiao Zhou

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