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May 23, 2011

Hey guys,
This is the first in the Series of list of Popular videos I am sharing. This one is about office humor. We all need it and we never can have enough of it. The Boss – Employee crack up is adored by readers who are bosses or employees. ( hah what a logic!).

Boss : Why are you not working? Worker : I did not see you coming.

I will be eventually building the list. There will be additions and deletion till it gets better. We will try to limit ourselves to 10 videos for now. We will update it every month so that you can have fresh stuff to share on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. ( I know you do that to sound kool – keep doing it – loz)

Everyone please Pay attention to what your BOSS is saying. Not doing so might actually be injurious to your health. Ok I will shut up you enjoy the next video.

Don’t let the oldies at new work-place make fun of your name. If not nipped in the bud it can grow to draconian proportions as you see above.

Anything for a BUD Light. Freaking awesome video. I just love Bud ads they are always creative, funny and a bit gross.

Short, bold and enjoyably sexy video. Don’t attempt it on your co-workers it might end even worse. Just don’t blame me I did not warn you.

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