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Fix : Product Installation Unsuccessful Please Reinstall Error 24 – Corel Photo Paint, CorelDraw etc dead June 1st 2010!

orDear Reader,

I bring to you this fix to the recent global Corel installation unsuccessful error. Some thing that gave us this annoying messagebox. Thanks to Mohd Saqib for the tip off and the fix.


You would be glad to know that we have found the fix to the problem.You need to down load this file extract the files and copy it to the following path on your system.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X
or try this path….
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Corel\CorelDRAW

Here we are assuming you run windows PC. In case this does not work for you…there are other simple solutions like running the Corel software by changing your system date to any date earlier than 1st, June 2010. Even Corel has confirmed the bug and will issue an update for the users soon.

You may also be interested in the RunAsDate application that can run a particular software in a previous date without affecting other software and the OS.

Update: Some of you have asked about the right place to add the patch in Window Vista.
use this path – Computer/C:/Program Data/Corel/CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4
Thanks to Estee and Saqib for the updates.


  1. Thanks guys I have been looking for this patch. Running in old date works but it is a big headache…thank you all again for the Fix.

  2. I am realy thankful to you
    you have solve my corel software problem
    Your Patch File Is working Properly


  3. Works! Great.
    In Windows Vista I had to extract the file to Computer/C:/Program Data/Corel/CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 which I could only see through WinRar when I was prompted to extract. Just say yes to replace the xisting file and it works!!

    Many thanks

  4. Perfect, thanks !!

    In Windows Vista extract the file to Computer/C:/Program Data/Corel/CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4, which can be seen through WinRar when prompted to extract. Just say yes to replace the existing file and it works!!

    Many thanks

  5. @ Fatman..

    Dear it seems like u r not doing paste & replace the patch in correct directory… and well it depends on different-2 OS. It would be good if u tell us what operating system u r using now, so that we can give you the exact directory path to do paste -replace in your computer… hope then it will work for u..

    Or if u r using windows xp then go on start and select RUN.. then do copy paste following address there..
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4
    a folder will be open then paste and replace the fix in that one.

    OR if u r using windows vista the try this path..
    Computer/C:/Program Data/Corel/CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4

    Hope this help 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot. If you could find / create a similar fix for Designer X4 it will be greatly appreciated!

  7. Thanks………..friend…..its working!!!… Your brilliant and good enough to solve problems like these…….Its really “”AMAZING.:”

  8. I am using Vista and have followed the path and pasted the file yet it doesn’t ask me to replace anything. The error message still comes back!


  9. @ Dawood…. its my pleasure to help ma fellow designers… it feels like something I am doing good 🙂

    @ Johnny…. I wil update u soon on yor issue…

  10. Do you know a DE14.DTA for Designer X4, also?

    I’m not sure what kind of information is stored in the file, but if it helps..

  11. A very Thank You for an easy solution. RunAsDate is the good for me that solved my big problem.
    thanks again
    Abdul M. Khan

  12. work perfect with windows 7 x86
    destination folder is:
    C:\ProgramData\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4

    thx a lot

  13. I’m having problem finding the path for Windows Seven (also cracked hehe), could anyone help me out please?

  14. Oops, just read freedole’s comment and now it’s working for me too.

    The path for win 7 is C:\ProgramData\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4

    Thanks a lot.

  15. Hi – hope someone can help. I’m running Windows Vista but the path given “Computer/C:/Program Data/Corel/CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4” doesn’t seem to be correct? Can anyone help? Many Thanks

  16. Hi,

    Its working on windows xp sp3 but corel is unable to read new font installed on the system.

    How i can overcome this problem?

    Thanks in advance.


  17. OK, Is program DATA the same as program FILES, because thats all thats on here is program files folders? (using Vista 32/64)

  18. Hi…
    Thanks so much… it still didn’t work 4 me after i installed the files, but it worked after i changed the date like u suggested !
    Thanks so much…

  19. it works!

    Running on windows7 x64
    target : C:\ProgramData\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\

    Now i can keep my computer date uptodate, and working still with x4.
    Thanks guys!

  20. Hey Rooturaj, Thanks for your patch! I had it working till this morning … CorelDraw won’t start and now gives me an Error 1.
    Can you figure out a way around this? or have you already? I’ve got a whole bunch of files that needs to be worked on at the earliest. BTW, the date fix doesn’t work this time. (WinXP SP2 + Corel X4) … Helllppp! Please

    • Thanks a lot…
      just changing the date and making it less than 1 june 2010 made the thing work.
      thanks a lot

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