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TheWiSpy Review – Best Phone Tracking App

December 9, 2020

TheWiSpy tracker program is not different from many other utility programs on your cell phone, only that it comes with spying capabilities. It allows you to secretly see what other men and women are doing on their devices. Meaning that -with this app, you will have the ability to see all the messages, calls, voice notes, etc. that are delivered or received on a tracked device. Additionally, you will have the ability to track the social media actions of the monitored person/monitored device.

TheWiSpy cell phone tracker app is only an app that lets you secretly watch other people’s actions without a single trace. It further supports location tracking; so, you would understand where a particular person is at any time of the day.

Interestingly, the app is available for Android devices. Therefore, everyone is getting an entry to utilize this app from any Android smartphone.

Features of TheWiSpy Phone Tracking App

Many features are supported on the app of which circles around spying, monitoring, eavesdropping and monitoring different persons/devices. 

Social media spy

This app lets you spy on people’s daily tasks on these platforms: Snapchat, Instagram, FB messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. You will be able to see the following advice from monitored devices without the knowledge of the owner.

  • All messages received or sent on these social networking platforms.
  • What is posted in their own”Stories.”
  • Review collection messages sent or received on monitored devices.

And a Lot More actions SMS message spy.

TheWiSpy spy app lets you see incoming and outgoing messages on a tracked device remotely. It provides you with all the timestamps for every text message; also, you’re able to download images, documents, and other media files sent together with those texts. Additionally adding into your remote-control capabilities, TheWiSpy allows you to inspect the contact info of SMS recipients and senders on the monitored devices. 

Phone call tracking

All calls received or sent via a tracked device will be accessible on your TheWiSpy profile dash. Here, you will realize the true call duration for each call made. Additionally, you are going to have acquainted with the total number of calls made on the device within a defined period.

Geofence Alert

This feature is most important for parents seeking to guide their little ones and prevent them from calling/associating together with the wrong”dudes.” 

Parental Control 

This really is only one of the best features for parental control. With the integration of the feature to the TheWiSpy program, you’ll get instant notifications once an individual handling the target device tends to cross a boundary/limit set from you. That means, you’ll have the ability to create a geofence (visual threshold) for a specific device, and once the device user is out of this marked zone, you’ll get an instant alert to the TheWiSpy app. However, a target device location history can be obtained based on when the user gets into a place. 

Stealth Mode

So, what is stealth mode? This is the capability of an app to detect one’s GPS data or to monitor SMS and chat data secretly (100% confidential).

  • Inspection GPS data in real-time for a monitored device(s)
  • Track SMS and chat messages liberally
  • View time stamp details

Browsing history spy

Secretly and with no supervised person knowing, TheWiSpy releases to you the particulars of exactly what someone is browsing on his/her phone which is tracked. Also, timestamps can be found to show you the specific time that the user logs in to various sites plus the length of time he/she spends browsing specific webpages.

These are the remarkable characteristics of this mobile Phone Tracking App. Lately, it is named among the best apps.

Can Be TheWiSpy a Fantastic Phone Tracking App to Utilize in 2021?

Well, TheWiSpy works perfectly well for spying on people’s social networking activities and in touch base with monitored persons either for private or professional reasons. Additionally, the pricing of the app is competitive. It’s well cheaper than most other Spying apps out there.

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