Top 10 Coding Competitions for Kids

Top 10 Coding Competitions for Kids: Junior Coding Championships worldwide

June 13, 2022

If your child has been into coding and app development recently and you wish to show off their coding skills then enrol them for a Coding Competition. Coding competitions give a chance for participants to display their talent and skill set, as well as win prizes and awards. Coding competitions for kids and teens not only provide an opportunity to test their problem-solving and critical thinking skills but also prove that they can function well as part of a team, even when there’s pressure on!

Global Hackathons and competition-based certifications are a great benchmark of how much a kid has learnt from his/her mentors. It also gives children national & international exposure and inspiration to do bigger and better things. I am listing the top 10 coding competitions for kids under the age of 15 years. 

Discover top coding competitions for kids & teens

See the following list of top coding competitions for kids and teens! They are available worldwide and free to participate in!

ICode Global

Imagine a world in which every kid could code. It’s not science fiction, it’s ICode Global Hackathon, an education platform that believes coding is the new literacy and aims to make it a reality for every child. We’re building the future of education through kids’ coding competitions. 

ICode Global is the Worlds Largest Coding Competition for Children, an online programming competition ecosystem for the coding community. They are a global leader in STEM education, providing an exciting way for kids to learn and explore through a gamified platform that is designed to excite and engage.


CodeChef is a free platform that helps people learn how to code through a variety of competitions and practice problems. These competitions give the user an opportunity to engage with the community, improve their coding skills, and ultimately showcase what they can do in order to be hired for a job!

American Computer Science League

The American Computer Science League is a competition that brings together the best code breakers from around the world. It occurs online all year round and consists of four contests. Competitions consist of both written sections in order to analyze code, along with programming tasks.

Bebras Computing Challenge

The Bebras Computing Challenge is the equivalent of a full day’s work in school and testing the various of four different problem categories: Machine Learning, Data Structures, AI, and Artificial Neural Networks. In The Bebras Computing Challenge, participants must solve as many of the 15 computing-related problems in a time limit of 45 minutes.

Scratch Olympiad

The Scratch Olympiad is a coding competition where children can apply to participate individually or in teams. The projects that are submitted must be created using the Scratch programming language.

International Kids Coding Competition

The International Kids Coding Competition (IKCC) is an online Scratch coding competition in which kids from all over the globe are encouraged to learn how to code. With support and input from experts, the IKCC hosts numerous competitions on a variety of topics.

Technovation Challenge

The Technovation Challenge invites girls around the world to create apps to solve real-world problems. The teams come together to participate in a contest that is designed to highlight innovation and tech skills among young girls. Additionally, the challenge hosts events in local chapters that are designed to expand upon the activity’s goals by developing leadership and communication skills.

Code/Art Code Yourself Competition

The Code Yourself competition is about encouraging girls to take on the role of a coder, on either side of the screen, using various materials and colours. Beginners and experienced coders are encouraged to participate.

Code Girls United NW Regional App Challenge

The Code Girls United NW Regional App Challenge gives young girls the opportunity to create a coding project and present it to a panel of judges. Girls compete in teams of 2-5 and present an app they develop and a business plan for an opportunity to show off their skills and win prizes.

Congressional App Challenge

The Congressional App Challenge is a prestigious competition designed to encourage creativity in students and young entrepreneurs who create fun and innovative apps. There are plenty of different themes, topics, and ideas one can choose from when it comes to smartphone or PC applications.

If you are aware of other coding competitions for children that need to be mentioned here please list them in the comments section below. I will try to add it to my list after verification.

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