Hundreds of Indian Twitter Accounts Compromised today – 30th August

This is my personal observation and after a 2 hours long research I am confirming the findings. Hundreds of Twitter accounts have been compromised today. Here is how the events unfolded today and caught my attention.
** This is also my proof for Twitter Officials. I have alerted your support team and I hope you will look into it.

  1. Around 8 PM I started getting followers at a slightly unusual rate. Neither any of my posts were being liked or re-tweeted that would attract these unusual popularity.
  2. Around 9 30 PM the followers started growing at a rate of 15-20 followers every half hour. I decided to dig in further.
  3. I looked into the profiles of some of the followers and noticed something strange.
    Twitter accounts compromised in IndiaBasically it means all the people who are following me are retweeting the exact same tweets. This was obviously fishy. First I suspected there were Twitter Bot networks which are rampant. People buy and sell 1000 twitter followers for 1$ and I am very much aware of it.
  4. As this trend continued, at around 12 AM I noticed that most of the accounts had real names and real profiles and cover pics. They just could not be bot accounts. So I started messaging the recent followers to make sure they were real. To my utter surprise they were real and replies came back instantly.
  5. After getting these confirmations from real twitter users, my only logical conclusions is these accounts have been compromised. The hackers have a bunch of accounts that either have too easy passwords or have been hacked using fishing or other such methods. They are being used to re-tweet and follow people. A big and nasty game is on.

I want to alert @Twitter about this and I am compiling this post for better understanding of the situation. I am sure they may already be aware of it, but just in case they don’t I will be directing their attention to this.