Create custom nameservers in siteworx, nodeworx, interworx

If you signed up for some class c IP hosting package recently and are wondering how to create custom nameservers like / then here is the solution for you.

1) Login to your account.2) Go to Dns service -> Zones

3) Click on “Records” link infront of the domain.

click Zone and then click the record next to your domain.

4) You will find list of records of your domain in the next page.

5) Click on “Edit” link of NS records and change them from default to “” and “”

change the NS records and add two A records.

6) Then you will fine “Add a new” at top of all the records.

7) Click on “Go” by selecting A record “A” from the drop down menu.

Cool Add these details in next step.

Host =

TTL = Do not modify this.

IP Address = Add IPaddress of your domain.

9) Click on save.

10) repeat the same steps of 8 and 9 and add “”

Please follow the steps above to add custom nameserver.
Please note that you have to register the required custom nameserver with your Domain registrar to be able to use this feature.
I hope it solves your problem. Have fun.