HDFC- Smart Shoppers is a reported attack site

Was feeling like buying an Olympus Digital SLR cam today. The HDFC guys sent me a flyer with the specification and I was pretty happy with it.  So I call up the phone-banking service to order the cam. They tell me you need to order it on HDFC site. Fine, so I am on the HDFC shopping site and look what I get …

HDFC shopping reported hacking site

Bl0ody hell ! this is what our top urban bank has to offer us? See what the firefox report has to say about this.

This page tries to install programs that steal private information and use your computer to attack others or damage you computer.

This site is probably not a direct HDFC property. They are kind of affiliates through which they help sell consumer goods through easy installment system on their credit cards

Anyway I tried to open the same site in Opera Browser and it did not have a problem opening the site. But I could not find the product they had sent the flyers about. So I felt like contacting them online. I click the contact us link and this is what I get..

HDFC shopping contact us

And everyone wonders why is Online Shopping not so popular in India? HDFC is the most Tech Savy bank in India in my opinion. Now this is what they offer. One sentence saying enter your contact information here. What next…? Design error? Cross browser compatibility failure? Whatever it is, it only pisses of a user.

I will of course be directing the attention of HDFC people about this and at the same time would like you to share it with your friends so that they are aware of the Crap they are being supplied with in the name of online technology.

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