Additional ads in google search in Chrome and Firefox

Oh Hi,
So you have been bugged by the annoying ads from I was annoyed too. I scanned the whole web but could not find any solid solution to it. Then I decided to kill the menace myself and I did.

For those not sure how these annoying ads looks like, here take a good look.

proxy adthrottle ads

More annoying ads over google search ads

So here are the steps to clear those ads from chrome and firefox.

First make sure you have not installed any stupid chrome extension or firefox plugin related to proxies or privacy or performance.
Sometimes they get installed without your knowledge when you install free tools / software from the internet.

One common software that we have identified to be the culprit is Privacy Safeguard Extension on your browser or Privacy Safeguard 1.1 exe on your computer.
Here is the chrome version
privacy-safeguardLook for an installed program in your control panel > Programs and Features.
If you are facing a similar problem on firefox or Internet explorer check your extensions and add-ons.

Remove the rouge extension of installation, clear cookies and try to replicate the bug again.
If it stays looks for any torrent toolbar you might have installed. Remove them too.
If nothing works un-install your browser and get a fresh install. In my cases that fixed the problem.

These are malicious programs that generate revenue for their creators by forcing more google advertisements into already displaying advertisements. They might compromise your private information and passwords as well. Its always good to play safe and keep you computer free from these malware.