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Ultra Blue (al-emarati) : The sick racist blogger who got no balls and needs a life

One of my journalist friends alerted me to a news piece on Mail today. I was horrified with the views of this fanatic who posts  with the avatar of “ultrablue”. I mean who would...

Happy Holi EveryOne

Wish You all a very happy HOLI, 2010. May this festival fill your life with colors and sweetness. And yeah some tips for those who are going to office tomorrow. Watch out for those...

Unethical Travel Agents : Curse on Indian Tourism Industry

Planning a Tour to India? Be Aware of some unethical travel agents. Learn how to identify and stay away form Travel Goons. A short guide to happy times during your stay in India.

Rooturaj Pattanaik, Online Business Consultant, New Delhi

My feelings before the 62nd independence day celebration of India. Swine Flu, Recession, Terrorism dampen the celebrations.