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Will Google Chrome OS kill Windows in India

I was just checking out a news piece on the level of software piracy in India. But I was not surprised to know that software piracy in India is as high as 73% when compared to 23% in US. You would not be surprised either. [Source: Hindu Business line] The Indian subcontinent is the new piracy hub in Internet world. We read at colleges and technical institutes that run on pirated software. Even though a single user copy is bought it is used in over 50 PCs.

The most used piece of software in India is probably the windows. (all versions included) But only those people who get branded PCs or laptops have a genuine windows copy. Other who assemble their systems are on pirated ones mostly. Hardware dealers and computer sales people install windows on assembled PCs for 250 rs. Some of the 10 standard kids in the alley will call me crazy for quoting 250 INR, they would do it for 100. Or coax your techie friend and get it free with technical support from the ‘techie’ group.

With this situation in mind I was thinking if Google new chrome operating system came free with added speed, more Internet applications and less system crashes then will it kill Microsoft Windows in India? It is a tough thing to answer at this point of time.

Chrome Vs Windows
Chrome Vs Windows

Here are some points to Chrome’s favor.

OS Cost : I have a feeling that software cost being the first priority in India rather than security, this could be a winner for Chrome.
Legal Pressure : Now Indian authorities are pressing it hard with NASCOM against software piracy. So if they are left with a choice of choosing between Microsoft of 1500 Rs and Google for free I guess many wood go for Google.
Brand Power : Google is a hugely popular brand in India as well so if brand loyalty is considered then they are almost even.
Performance : Now if we weigh performance then those who have used Google and its products have got hardly any thing to complain. On the other hand you will get more complaints than compliments for Windows and other MS products.

Points in Favor of Windows

User Friendliness : Windows has one big advantage in shape of User Friendliness. Not many people would prefer to learn a new OS. The same thing that happened to Linux. Operating system is more or less synonymous to Windows in India. It would take a while to wrench this reputation out of MS grasp.
Supporting Software: We have grown up on MS Office, Media Player etc. Will Chrome provide support for this or will it be the rise of Internet office applications?
Hardware and Driver Support : Manufacturers of hardware are today MS centric. Will this hamper Google’s Chances?
There are more questions. So it remains to be seen. Will Google Chrome Kill Microsoft Windows in India?

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