Pink Hat SEO – WTF is that?

I know that will be your reaction when you hear the concept of Pink Hat SEO. Wait let me make it really pink. : PINK HAT SEO This is a concept that came into my mind when I came across the some Pimps urging me to handle their escort websites. Pink SEO is therefore for the Pink industry – Porn […]

We are all pretty much aware of the over advertisement penalty. Website / blogs are being hit with this penalty of displaying too many ads or conversion elements above the fold without much genuine content being displayed above the fold. In this post I am going to tell you how to fix duplication issues and over advertisement issues arising out […]

Here is the Ultimate list of SEO forums for you to learn the sacred scientific art of Search Engine optimization. (lolz Sacred is it?) Warning : For all you spammers who are looking for lists of forums to gain signature links. Get lost and get a life. What you are supposed to be doing with my list. I will tell […]

A few days ago I installed Chitika Ads to this blog of mine after getting approved by Chitika.  I had to wonder aloud scratching my head why the ads were not being displayed.  Was I doing something wrong? Did I miss some part of the ad code? I am a programmer so I know when some part of the code […]

Now this is some thing unique I discovered today. I have a squidoo lens 10 KILLER ways to promote your Squidoo lens which was not being indexed. So I was doing a search for its title and I came across the following results. Now there was some thing which came as a surprise.  Look at the snapshot below. Notice the […]

Recently while working for a Popular Ratings and Reviews site I learned a lot about various types of Web Directories out there. I had to find and analyze various local business listing sites and industry specific directories. If you are a SEO or a webmaster with some idea about Internet Marketing you would know two things for sure : – […]

Hola webmaster… since you are here I assume you are looking for a solutions to redirect duplicate looking and sounding pages on your website to a global format. In the next 3 minutes you are going to do exactly that. Read on… By the way did you know search engines see , and as three separate pages. […]

Now News Wire dropped a bomb yesterday declaring that “Google is planning to enter SEO Business”. But they just forgot to pack some explosives into that bomb. The result of that crazy post by Serena Shaper0 c was that half the SEO world got perturbed real bad. Questions flew everywhere and Facebook and Twitter went crazy with Serena too? How […]

Just out of curiosity I searched the term “Search Engine” on Google. I was actually testing if Google returned for the term “search engine”. This is what I got. (see snapshot below) Wow, according to Google, Bing is the No One Search Engine on the planet. Interesting, eh? This was the result on google India. There were different results […]

With the launch of BING, Microsoft’s new search engine some people have become highly optimistic about it. In particular those who did not manage to get good SERP rankings for their keywords in Google. Now with the merger of Yahoo search and Bing WWW would see bing as the single largest challenger of Google for the place of world’s most […]