Hi Gamers, I have been playing Infinity Blade on my iPad this week and now here I am writing up my experience how to finish the game real fast. Here are some easy cheats and tricks for Infinity Blade mastery. At one point in the game you come to a place that looks like this. This is the situation where […]

Top 5 Free Android Games

Are you an Android lover? If so then I am sure you would have a lot of games on your device. Well even if you don’t then better don’t worry because here, we have compiled the list of Top 5 Free Android Games for you. The list doesn’t contain any paid listing so you can fully trust us. Remember, these […]

Muster Troops |Muster Heros |TKO Three Kingdoms

After getting bored with all the partial information available about TKO muster troops I decided to post my own. This post gives you the correct information about various types of Muster Troops and their attack/defense/ expense statistics All available Muster heros and what units they can muster. What do you need to successfully Muster troops? What are the various advantages […]

Looks to me like you are another three kingdom online maniac. LOL.  I am a fan too though not maniac. I understand how tough it is to gather resources in the begining. So every little quest and every ounce of resources matters. In the daily quests 3Kingdoms Quizes gives you an opportunity to learn and earn as well. So I […]

Soccer fever engulfs planet earth…everyone is hooked on to the tv sets probably watching SA vs Mex. I was reading the IT(India Today) June 14 issue. This particular image did not go down my throat properly. See for yourself…note the player on extreme left in yellow jersey. Now that is what you get when your Graphics artists is a Soccer […]

This post will address your owes about taking Counties in Three Kingdom online strategy game. Counties are special cities that have very high resources output and a huge troops capacity. I know you want to have one of them. I just did and it is darn useful. What are counties and What do I get out of it? The Blue […]

Ok guys..Now this takes my obsession to new heights.  I have started writing posts for the MMORPG game. I hope it will help those thousands of people who are interested in the Game. This article will be addressing you defense problems. I will tell you what to do when you are under attack from a stronger or regular army. There […]

Here is another post dedicated to addicted players of TKO. If you have decided to clear that guarded space around your city then I know you are an attacking player. I have been the part of a massive league on S9 and right now we are all obsessed with 15Cs and 9Cs.  So I thought I will put up a […]

I have been engrossed with this online browser based game for some time now.  Actually it is taking up a huge part of my time but its an addiction I cant get over soon. LOL. Till then if you are one like me and would like to conquer one of  those oasis next to you then you would  find this […]