this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P Facebook Spam Virus

Hey guys… Saturday is about to end and I am on Facebook. Lol the right time to be on FB you would agree with me.

Now the funny thing happened….. one of my friends shared some thing like this on my wall. I deleted it ofcourse and sent a message to the guy. But as I look at my updates my updates I see a lot of people being infected.


I recognized it because this has happened to one of my friends before. I ask you to remove the updates and remove the user (if not your regular contact) because I suspect they infect you when you click the link. You  got to remove the updates because anyone who visits your wall might click the link as well. Again.. I am trusting FBs technology that the infection does not spread just by visiting the infected profile.

It is just a shared video.It somehow infects your PC or hacks into your account.Iam not sure which one is the case…in either case it would probably post this vid on friend’s wall.

Ok thats fine but how the hell do I get rid of this?

O yeah.. I have the solution now. Go to your facebook setting->application settings find this app named Winamp and remove it. Change you password as an additional precaution.Then make sure you remove all those posts form your wall and friends walls too.