Bhoot chad gaya re Music Video| Rakhi Sawant | Controversy

Now this is about the fiasco about the latest Rakhi Sawant album. For those who don’t already know India’s no.1 (who decides these titles – not me) item girl just launched a new album with Canadian hip hop artist IshQ Bector. So what’s the big deal?

Rakhi-SawantActually I like the marketing strategy that these people follow. This is a very interesting and low budget promotion trick that almost always delivers. All you need to do is to create a controversy. If you are even a little known celebrity the media will catapult you into limelight. TV channels will repeat your controversial music video N number (where N tends to infinity). So the normal viewer and reader will be so bugged that he will finally get the music video to see what the hell is this all about.

I did the same. Now don’t give me that look. Blame the media. Watch the video here.

Now this could be a repeat compilation of the promo video. What ever it is it tastes yuck. Rakhi is such a gross Hip Hop performer. Good try nevertheless. But she needs to try harder.

I feel the sensor board did the right thing to hold it but they gave the wrong reasons. They should have instead censored the song for being crapy. Rakhi now has a very valid reason for suing the board for holding the song just because it uses the word “kaminey”. They did allow the super hit movie “Kaminey”.

Here are some more music videos in this series – Jhagde ( Rakhi Sawant and Ishq bector)