Are you getting forwarded messages and updates on Whatsapp and Facebook mobile app like the following. Breaking News, Amazon Selling Redmi 3S 32GB Mobile Phone at Just 599 Rs. Buy It Now Before Sale Ends. Cash On Delivery Also Available. Visit just now in You may also be getting different versions of the same message covering different products are […]

Here is another fraud alert for all HDFC credit card holders. This company claiming to be India Darshan, which is a phony company, is looting people by giving them dummy offers and false promises about 20-30% flat discount all over India. All readers are advised not to accept any offers from the said company or any similar offers that may […]

Popular Quotes by Yoda – Starwars

Here are some popular Quotes by JeDi grandmaster Yoda. I have created some graphic quotes out of the most popular ones that are especially made to be shared on social media. đŸ™‚ So go ahead and share those. Here is my most favourite quote from Yoda.   Complete Dialogues of Yoda in StarWar movies. Sorted by Movie. Star Wars Episode […]

Here is an unbiased review of this self proclaimed social service organization known as Human First Foundation. This is a first person experience of what they do and how they effectively fool you in the names of poor children and AIIMS. I was moved by their efforts to organize funds for kids of poor parents who are unable to bear […]

Delhi, cried hoarse over the gang rape of a young woman in a moving public bus. Facebook and twitter are flooded with people cursing the Government and the criminals. There are people like us who are cursing their inability to act. Read about the blood boiling incident  here. Now, I posted this on my FB timeline venting my feelings, but what […]

The legend of the Navratri Thali

Jai Mata Di. Its Navratri again. There are people fasting around me. You know its Navratri when ladies you know say no to regular food. Well rituals are supposed to be fasting but our ever evolving Panditjis and our eternally creative Halwais made outstanding use of loopholes to commercialize the Navratri Fasting. Behold this picture of a simple Navratri Thali. […]

My Renewed interest in Poetry

Here is my feeble attempt at poetry. The last time I had written something poetic was when I was in senior school. It seems you need to experience love to be able to write poetry. I never believed in it until it happened to me.  So friends, here are a few lines dedicated to all those who have loved. Most […]

  Dhamki mein mar Gayaa jo; Naa baab-e nabard tha, Ishq-e nabard-peshah, talabgaar-e mard tha. —– Ghalib he who died of the threat; was NOT the head of the warriors, Passionately, a warrior by profession, was seeking for a Man (hero)

Why this Kolaveri di song has gone viral with more than 7 Million hits in 7 days. the song is so catchy 100s of memes have sprung up in a week. There is more to follow. Till then here is a list of some very interesting Kolaveri Di memes. Sharad Pawar Kolaveri Di Meme This is the best of them. […]

Gosh Its confirmed. It was a quake after all. I was coding my brains out and then the glass started chattering. Then the chairs and tables shook. I felt the keyboard below my fingers shaking too. Never felt an Tremmor before. So I thought I am going nuts. I put up the question on twitter and behold..its abuzz.!/search?q=%23earthquake!/search/delhi%20quake […]