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This little tweak or hack can help you in multiple situations when managing Gsuite email accounts. I often have to handle this situation where a customer with 50 free Gsuite accounts wants to upgrade to paid subscription. But they wish to keep only 25 emails on the new paid account. In this case the major challenge is manage the 25 emails that are to be deleted. In such cases I recommend deleting unwanted emails id before migrating the emails to accounts that you want to keep. Then assigning important email id (being deleted) as aliases to email ids being retained.

How to create an aliases for an email id?

Login in to your Gsuite Admin Account or if you are the Google Apps Reseller for the concerned account login to your Google Apps Reseller console ( Channel Services Console). Go to Users >> Click the name of the user for whom you wish to add the alias >> Click the User Information Tab >> Go to Alternate email addresses (email alias) >> Add one or more aliases >> Save.
Refer to the infographic below to follow a visual path to create an email alias.

How to create GSuite Email Alias for saving gsuite licenses.

How does and Email Alias work?

When you create an email alias they share the same inbox. So if you created an alias like [email protected] for [email protected] any email that is sent to [email protected] goes to the inbox of [email protected]
However, when you reply to any email that has been mailed to [email protected] it goes from the primary email and not the alias email.

It helps when you have to delete extra email ids, and save your Gsuite Licences for important email ids. It helps reduce your monthly Google Email Bills. It can also help you make fancy or short emails without having to pay for another email id.