Check if htaccess is enabled | Test if htaccess is working

I see newbie programmers cracking up on htaccess issues. Normally it is a simple process where you can get beautiful stuff working in about 5 minutes time.

Most of us find the required code by googling up our requirements. Its initially tough to master the htaccess coding. But when we put then to action on our own servers. It does not work. I have seen my own programmers spending days together trying to find out why the hell is .htaccess file is not working.

First you should know how to create a .htaccess file.  I suppose you know already. If not follow the link.

Ok now open you .htaccess file in a text editor and add this simple code to the file.

redirect 301 /filename.html

Now there should be a file exactly called filename.html or create any file like test.html and replace the same int he code above. If your htaccess is working then you should be redirected to my site when you click on your link to or enter it directly in the browser.

If it doesnot then your htaccess is not up. Contact your hosting provider and kick his ass till he get it up and working for you. I sincerely hope this post helped you in what you are looking for. Do share this or link to this page so that other may use it too.

Blog Comments

Exactly what i was looking for.

Client didn’t have the right webhosting package. Thanks!

THANK YOU! This helped me so much.

The fastest way is to insert junk text on .htaccess and access the website.
If it gets an “Internal Server Error” message, it means that .htaccess is working.