Twitter should provide Tweet Flocks like Facebook List

If you have more than 200 followers on twitter who tweet regularly then I am sure it would be a herculean task for you to keep track of your friends tweets. Assuming every friend posts only 5 tweets a day that a whooping 1000 tweets per day. If you are not virtually living on twitter all the time tracking these status updates would a very difficult. Particularly when you are highly interested in the updates from a close circle of friends or technology experts. You cannot keep expanding the time line for ever to trace those tweets. This is where we need features like the friends list option on FaceBook.

If you are not a FaceBook fan then let me tell you it is a feature where you can choose a smaller group of friends and assign them a name. So next time you want updates of this particular group then selecting the same will hide all other updates form your other friends who do not belong to this group/list. Pretty easy to keep track of things. Easy to separate business relation from family. Easy to separate local friends form international contacts. You could even have a list of “hot babes” and “kool dudes”. Take a look at my Facebook wall below. To the left you can see some lists highlighted with red arrows.

Friend lists on FaceBook

Friend lists on FaceBook

But this is only on Facebook. How much do I wish a similar feature be provided by Twitter!! It would make things a hell more easier to manage. And this is why I say – “Twitter should provide Tweet Flocks like Facebook List

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