This is to share with the Internet public my recent awful experiences with Tata Indicom wireless Internet service. I have been using the Tata Indicom CDMA USB modem for my on line activities for around 7 months now. I was initially satisfied with the connection as it provided a degree of freedom compared against fixed line connections. I was assured a speed up to 256 kbps by the marketing executive. I paid around 3000 rupees for the connection. Though the speed was not satisfactory I managed with the same as I almost never faced disconnection.

But for the last one month, things are getting worse. Though the modem is constantly green and the dialer software is stays connected the speed of data transfer is so sick that even the Google home page would not open many times. I am now paying 881 rupees every month for this crap. To add to the woes the connections dies out every now and then. As I write this I have reconnected the dialer software 11 times already within a time span of 70 mins. Assuming that you need 2 mins to disconnect and reconnect I have lost 22 mins of 70 mins to disconnection. I have worked hardly 15 properly. You will have some idea of my frustration form the screen shots I am attaching below. I hope this will give you an idea of how good is the quality of Tataindicom wireless service in New Delhi.
My 12th disconnection today.

automatic disconnection

automatic disconnection

After reconnecting and loging in to Facebook I am stuck again. Screen shot with the Firefox loading and status bar message saying waiting for

stuck with facebook

stuck with facebook

After waiting in vain for 3 mins or so I try to open in a new tab. The two screen shots will show you dialer softwares status as it tries and tries hard to connect to and load one of the lightest pages on the web.

Cannot Even Load Google

Cannot Even Load Google

Cannot Even Load Google after 4 mins

Cannot Even Load Google after 4 mins

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Mukthar says:

    Hai,you can mail to their customer care team at or call at 040-66570232 (10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday) to get the issue resolved.Trust you will get prompt and immediate reslution.

  2. Rooturaj says:

    Hi Mukhtar,
    I am going to do that the first thing tomorrow. I will post the follow up right here. Keep watching.

  3. Romish says:

    Hmmm… thnx 4 d info n savin ma a** …

    i was plannin 2 buy it in d comin week…

    now i guess i’l think bout reliance… wat say???

    did u try complainin bout dis to d cust care???

  4. Rooturaj says:

    They have now got a new service called Photon. I have not tried that yet. They wont upgrade me to that service. I have to pay 3500 more. I have complained to the CC by Mail. I will updated the developments here.

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