Problem : If you encounter a blank page while opening Adwords page and see adwords (1×1) in the page tile like the screenshot shown below. I alerted @google and @adwords to find a solution to this problem. But this could not be replicated by them. Despite clearing cookies and history and trying to open adwords in different browsers in regular […]

Oh Hi, So you have been bugged by the annoying ads from I was annoyed too. I scanned the whole web but could not find any solid solution to it. Then I decided to kill the menace myself and I did. For those not sure how these annoying ads looks like, here take a good look. So here are […]

Are you pissed up with this kind of errors on websites like Paypal? All those cookie tracking systems that are not efficiently managed or are too stringent in security violations run into this kind of errors all the time. Here is one example from 400 Bad Request  Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand Bad […]

If you signed up for some class c IP hosting package recently and are wondering how to create custom nameservers like / then here is the solution for you. 1) Login to your account.2) Go to Dns service -> Zones 3) Click on “Records” link infront of the domain. 4) You will find list of records of your domain […]

Was feeling like buying an Olympus Digital SLR cam today. The HDFC guys sent me a flyer with the specification and I was pretty happy with it.  So I call up the phone-banking service to order the cam. They tell me you need to order it on HDFC site. Fine, so I am on the HDFC shopping site and look […]

I don’t know if it affects you or if my Anti-Virus is just acting up but every time I force refresh a page with Google Adsense with it Kaspersky (ver: Internet Security detects a Trojan on the google javascript file. This even comes up on leading sites like Here are the details. To force refresh I mean using […]

Hacking into your life through your emails

I am going to share with you a funny but serious event that unfolded in my Inbox yesterday. There is a silly job listing site in the name of They blast bulk mails to thousands of people about latest job openings. Yesterday I received a mail from them that reads. Now what does a user like me do in […]