Pink Hat SEO – WTF is that?

I know that will be your reaction when you hear the concept of Pink Hat SEO. Wait let me make it really pink. : PINK HAT SEO This is a concept that came into my mind when I came across the some Pimps urging me to handle their escort websites. Pink SEO is therefore for the Pink industry – Porn […]

Here is the sureshot solution to problems involving directory creation and file permission errors in wordpress Media  add and edit issues. I moved my old blog to a new server recently and when adding a new post I had problems when adding a picture to a new post. Each time I used to upload a new photo it gave me […]

Are you into the Big Data syndrome yet? Big Data analytics and reporting is the next big thing in tech world these days. Apache spark is fast becoming the most favored platform of crunching large scale data. As the makers of Apache Spark put it : Run programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on […]

Hello Folks, It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. Life had been really busy yet awesome. Now among the awesome things that we have been doing lately includes foraying into mobile applications development. We had been providing SEO and internet marketing services to many popular IT companies specializing in Android and iOS app development. But […]

Problem : If you encounter a blank page while opening Adwords page and see adwords (1×1) in the page tile like the screenshot shown below. I alerted @google and @adwords to find a solution to this problem. But this could not be replicated by them. Despite clearing cookies and history and trying to open adwords in different browsers in regular […]

Solution to  Dreamweaver / Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects / inDesign / Fire Works etc Crashing problem on PCs that recently upgraded to Windows 10 or just installed Adobe CS5 / CS4 / CS6 and similar after installing Windows 10 operating system. Problem: On launching Adobe CS5 product, the application flashes for a second and then closes. Opening Dreamweaver / Flash […]

This little PNG editing Encyclopedia will address all your PNG / transparent background photo editing problems. Some of the tips, tricks and tools are for advanced users who know some degree of photo editing like photoshop or similar tools. Most of them are for regular non technical users without any knowledge of photo editing. Free online PNG Editors 1. Pixlr […]

Here is the solution to Dreamweaver Crashing problem on PCs that recently upgraded to Windows 10 or just installed Adobe Dreamweaver 10 after installing Windows 10. Symptoms : On starting Dreamweaver, the application flashes for a second and then closes. Opening Dreamweaver  files also causes the same problem. Solution: Repair windows Files corrupted during installation. Step 1: Open cmd (Command […]

Have you recently installed SMF (Simple Machines Forum) and are unable to login using the admin login? If you face this problem and see errors of this nature on the screen (like the screenshot bleow) then here is the complete solution for your problems. How to fix “You Need to Fill in your username” – SMF login and registration error […]

Oh Hi, So you have been bugged by the annoying ads from I was annoyed too. I scanned the whole web but could not find any solid solution to it. Then I decided to kill the menace myself and I did. For those not sure how these annoying ads looks like, here take a good look. So here are […]