Do you get sales calls from company called TransDeal or Trans Discount card.  This is the same company or another fraudulent spin off of infamous w-discount card. Based on my personal analysis and my past experience with such companies in the past, I advice you not to make any deal with Transdeals or TransDeal. (Whatever the name of the company […]

My Idea app for Corporate Plan

Are you looking for the Idea app for corporate numbers? Look no further because it does not exist at all. I subscribed to the Idea corporate service one week ago and I am not enjoying it much. I have to call the corporate support number all the time, they are helpful no doubt. But sometimes I prefer doing my stuff […]

Hello Folks, It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. Life had been really busy yet awesome. Now among the awesome things that we have been doing lately includes foraying into mobile applications development. We had been providing SEO and internet marketing services to many popular IT companies specializing in Android and iOS app development. But […]

This is to alert all Sai Devotees that popular Sai Baba aarti apps on your android phone may be collecting sensitive information about you and your phone. Suspicious popular application Sai Baba Aarti with Audio collects you Phone device Id and Call Information. For what reason does an Aarti application need to collect your Device Id.  Device id and Imei […]

I just came across a very intriguing situation last week. While I was tracking Election news about the assembly elections in Delhi I was on a MSN news page and there I noticed the aberration. An unwanted and un-relevant ad pops up at the bottom of the screen and does not let me read the news article further. Now I […]

Review of Targus India Online Store

I have one word to rate my experience with Targus online store – Pathetic. I bought a new iPad two week ago and bloody Chroma store would not get fresh stocks of iPad cases that I liked. They only have the Pink Color case. I liked the Targus product (the pink one, yeah) so I decided to get it from […]

Increasing the business output is only possible by providing a customer satisfaction in all aspect of business. Business aspects include many things, but the most important aspect is the interaction with customers to sort out there queries and providing them support even after the business. For providing better solutions to the customer problems companies with large business and capital are […]

I am writing this review on Valentine’s day 2011. My first line of Advice. Please do not buy anything from why do we send gifts? Why do we pay extra money to get them delivered on time? Why do we choose special occasions to send those gifts? You know the answers to that. You are probably reading this review […]

For all you link building professionals, website owners mystified by SEO, Newbie SEOs and others I am taking time to review another link building service. I was on facebook and their ad banner caught my attention. I know almost all cheap SEO packages available are total crap. But it helps you to know what people in your industry are doing to […]

skype is down | Skype does not sign in

Hey Fellas, I have been trying to log in to skype and it takes infinite time to load. If its happening to you then please hold your seat tight. Skype is Down. I confirmed with three people from different parts of India and it is same for all. Even today afternoon it was a real pain in the ass. People were calling […]