I was surprised when one of our engineers asked me – “ How can we disable Javascript on Internet Explorer?” He was testing Javascript validation and precautions against bypassing this layer of validation. As usual he googled it up and tried something. But it would not work. When I arrived at his system he showed me what he was doing to disable javascript but it was still working.

There was just one thing he was over looking. This I guess is one of the common errors people face while disabling javascript on Internet explorer.

In case you do not know how to do it here is a picture guide for you.
1.Open your Internet Explorer browser window.
2.Go to the menu and click on TOOLS
3.Choose Internet Options. (See below; it might help)

Step One - Tools>Internet Options (Disable Javascript IE)

Step One - Tools>Internet Options (Disable Javascript IE)

Once you open the Internet Options then
4.Click the Security Tab. (Use the picture below as guide)

Step 2 >> Choose Security Tab (Disable Javascript IE)

Step 2 >> Choose Security Tab (Disable Javascript IE)

Now here is the trick. The Zones. By default the Internet Zone is selected. So if you proceed further you would be able to disable Javascript on websites that are live on internet. If you are developing / testing on local files then it would still be working. So choose what you want. In our case, since we were working locally we have chosen the Local Intranet option.

5. Scroll down till you find the Scripting Option.
6.On Active Scripting Radio Button choose Disable.(Use the screen shot for reference)

Step 3 >> Disable Active Scripting (Disabling javascript IE)

Step 3 >> Disable Active Scripting (Disabling javascript IE)

If your job is not done yet make sure your Javascript function is al right. Else curse me for wasting your time. If your job is done you can leave a comment below.


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17 Responses so far.

  1. Eugene says:

    Very detailed instructions.

  2. JIG MAG ZIG says:

    but this will disable all scripts in the page …
    for example … asp:LinkButtons wont work anymore (for me at lease).

  3. rooturaj says:

    Thanks Eugene and Jig Mag.
    @ Jig Mag May I ask what are you exactly looking for?

  4. JIG MAG ZIG says:

    well rooturaj …. it’s my fault (and microsoft ppl’s)
    …i wanted to disable javascript and use “asp:LinkButton”s …
    and it didn’t work … after all (after viewing msdn) i found out that “asp:LinkButton”s don’t work at all with javascript disabled …
    .. so ..all in all it’s Microsoft guy’s mistake …;)
    thanx 4 asking ..anyway !!

  5. M-J says:

    IE 8 has a developer tool that disables/enables scripting quickly.

    Tools – Developer Tool (F12). Click on the Disable button, then click on script. Re-clicking on script will enable scripting again.



  6. Jasminder says:

    Sir, I disabled the script in IE 8 using above steps but javascript is still workin fine….

  7. Jasminder says:

    In order to check validation, I disabled it both on Local host and internet and it worked than………

  8. Rooturaj says:

    Hi Jashminder.
    I personally tried the same approach on IE8 before putting it on my blog. I doubled checked it once more. It works.

    Assuming you are trying to validate a form and assuming you are calling a java script function to submit the form. Any direct submit buttons will post to the next page without fail and bypassing all your JS validation.

    Does that ring a bell anywhere?

  9. Lindsay says:

    How do I turn off developer tools in IE8? Everytime I open a window, a developer tool window opens.

  10. thanks for your tips… now i can disable javascript on IE8… Thanks u

    Borneo Ngeblog

  11. kryzanne says:

    i done all your instructions but yet javascript in my browser still don’t function to connect on my FB.Is other way to enable? thank you.

  12. Steph says:

    YYEEEPPPPPPEEEEEEE! Finally found an answer that actually works!!! Thanks so much!!!

  13. Greg says:

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Lee says:

    Thank you for your extremely clear and easy-to-follow instructions. It is so rare in the tech world to find that. MUCH appreciated.

  15. Steven Oki says:

    Instructions are easy to follow and understand.

  16. Vikram kamath says:

    Thanks…that worked!

  17. Jules says:

    Ye it works great. Thanks!
    Before I was only changing it on the Internet zone as well, thus the reason it didn’t work! 🙂

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